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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Kitchen Gadget or Tool?

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What's your favorite kitchen gadget or tool? Do you take it with you for meal prep away from home? More than one is allowed. Please share

Kitchenaid silicone spatula

I have thats Kitchen-aid silicone spatula and it is one of my go-to tools. I use it for omelets, eggs, stir-frying, sautéing, just about everything in a frying or sauté pan.

My Favorite Tools

Oxo Good Grips Peeler - I take it along when needed; Roscan Cheese Grater & Storer - travels well; Chicago Cutlery Parer - goes in the cooler on a trip; can't forget my KitchenAid 5" Santoku - it's great for anything and goes in the cooler occasionally too; Switchit Spatula - my new best friend; silicone egg turner - just enough silicone, but not too slippery. There's more - I just have so many favorites, but these are the best.

Please share

What's Your Favorite Kitchen Gadget or Tool?

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