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Readers Respond: Stainless Steel Cleaners for Kitchen Appliances

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Share your favorite product to clean and polish your stainless refrigerator, range, range hood, sink, counter appliances or other stainless steel appliances. What Do You Recommend?

Proper use of stainless cleaners

The stainless cleaners discussed here refer to those to clean the exterior of stainless steel appliances. If you're trying to clean stainless cookware, you need to use cookware cleaner. Water stains in pots can sometimes be removed with a little vinegar. As far as cast iron pans are concerned, you should not be using stainless cleaner. If you have, clean it well and only use a food-grade oil to season it. Whether you should replace the pan depends on accumulation and whether you feel you have totally removed all the stainless cleaner from the pan. When in doubt; replace.

No cast iron, why

I used it on my cast iron fry pan, after reading I rinsed it off. If I clean it well and rinse it well, is there any damage. Do I need a new pan?
—Guest L. Pettit


I found scotch brite rubbing with detergent powder meant for marks removing brought out shiny vessels
—Guest kitty

The best SS cleaner

The very best SS cleaner-polish that I have ever used is Bella SS cleaner-polish made by Domain Industries, BUT they won't sell it to you, it only comes in a Kit, what golden sales they are missing out on, so I am going to try the Sprayway.
—Guest Grant

Seeking advice about water stains

A bottle of Cerama Bryte came with our new GE stainless appliances. We have since bought more, but are disappointed because every water drop leaves an ugly streak down the front of the appliances. We're willing to buy a different product, and are seeking advice as to best cleaner / polish that would not be water soluable and leave streaks.
—Guest Steve Brown

Stainless Steel Cleaners - Worst

Carbona! My refrigerator looks horrible and I cannot remove the streaks. Weimann was out of stock. I agree it is one of the best. I'm going to try some vinergar and see if the streaks will come out.
—Guest Lisa Carlson

stainless steel cleaners

I just bought a stainless steel dishwasher double drawer, it's a DCS by Fisher & Paykel & have know idea what to use to clean it. If you could gave me names or website where I can purchase then product I would so appreciate it. Thank you Jeanne Quit

Best Stainless Steel Cleaners

The very best Stainless Steel Cleaner I come across is: Brillean All Purpose Cleaner It takes the oxidation of and protects the stainless steel, makes it water repellant therefore dirt, grease, rust & lime can not cling to the surface anymore. Distributed by: Wolfensberger Canada Inc.: www.brillean.ca
—Guest CleanFreak

Sprayway Does Rock!

Had to try it after comment by CAfonos. And it is now tops on my Best Stainless Steel Cleaners for Appliances (link below)
—Guest MarietteM

Sprayway Stainless Steel cleaner/polish

I have all stainless steel appliances. After 5yrs I finally gave up trying to keep them clean. I tried all the name brands, nothing was working. A friend told me about Sprayway I figured why not try a brand that I haven't heard of, so I did. WOW this cleaner made my appliances look like they did brand new!! I started doing research, come to find out this company and that they have been in business for 50 years. That really opened my eyes to a lot of things. There are probably really good products out there that no one tries since they are not the Big Brand names. Very simple instructions. Use sparingly, clean with one cloth and polish with another one. The results are amazing! This had no problem going through the products that was previously on there. It was almost effortless. I even touched it after I cleaned it and there was no fingerprint, which is very important since I have little ones and dogs. Try Sprayway Stainless Steel cleaner/polish and become hooked like me !

What Do You Recommend?

Stainless Steel Cleaners for Kitchen Appliances

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