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Samsung Refrigerator Model RS2530BWP

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By shirley lash

Refrigerator Reviews

Brand, Model, Capacity, Style: 

Samsung refrigerator, model RS2530BWP

Date of purchase: 

December 2008

My Review 

DO NOT BUY A SAMSUNG!! Problems with the condensor fan motors. I have to replace mine every few months at a cost of $150 each time. When I called the certified repair people in my area I was told I was the 7th one last week with the same problem. I then contacted the customer service department and was told, "Too bad. It's not covered."

Apparently they know they have poorly made/designed parts but are not correcting the problem. After all, they make money on each one you have to replace.

Do You Like the Freezer Location? 

It's OK.

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Could it be Improved? 

Make parts that do not have to be replaced every few months.

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