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By Al


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Whirlpool Duet

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Jan 2009

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In January of 2009 we purchased a Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer set from East Coast Appliance in Newport News, Virginia.

In October 2010 the washer started to make a significant noise when the drum was spinning. We had a service technician check the washer and he advised us the drum and rear tub shell needed to be replaced.

I called your customer service personnel and was advised that the only remedy they could provide was a 50% discount on parts.

On Dec 1st I talked to Tasha at Whirlpool and ordered the two parts. I asked for email confirmation on the order and Tasha stated she would do that. I also left several phone numbers as contacts. All of the phones have either an answering machine for voice mail. I have not received that email conformation.

A Whirlpool box arrived on 6 December and I arranged for the technician to make the repairs on December 11. When the technician arrived and opened the box, only one of the two parts had been delivered. There had been no communication from Whirlpool advising me that one of the parts had been backordered and there was no invoice on the box.

On December 12th I submitted a customer comment on your website and asked that I be called.

On December 13th I called twice and both times was disconnected both times.

On December 14th I talked to Danielle. At first she advised that the order had been completed. Then, on further checking she noted that the rear tub shell had been back ordered. She could not give an estimated time when it would arrive. When I asked why no one had contacted me to advise me that one of the parts was back ordered, she stated that that was not Whirlpool policy. When I asked if someone could call me when the part arrived she stated that could not do that.

While I understand that an extended warranty is available and would have protected me, I believe that what is supposed to be a top of the line washer should not have major problems within two years of purchase. As there are only two of us at home, it is not that the washer is getting heavy use.

But, what is more discouraging to me is what I perceive as an unacceptable level of customer service.

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HE Frontload

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