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LG Inverter Direct Drive Front Load HE Front load Washer

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By katt141


Brand, Model, Capacity, Style: 

LG Inverter Direct Drive Front Load

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My Review 

Purchased before I moved into our home.

Pros- looks very nice, has the stackable option for a dryer (which I also purchased), has lots of options on the button selection.

Cons- doesn't clean your clothes! When I put my dark cottons on Cotton/Normal mode, it automatically goes to warm/cold. My shirts will come out with deodorant stains on shirts that didn't go in with deodorant stains. So, I put the additional rinse on the cycle, still stains and then putting it on the stain cycle, putting the button all the way up for stains with the extra rinse and along with the prewash and oxyclean, I get a clean shirt. The white, forget it. I will never see a white shirt again until I purchase another machine. I have tried EVERY cycle and still cannot get clean socks. If I really want it white I have to soak the items before and put it on all the extra cycles to get it clean. If you put it on any of the extra cycles it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete. I wish I would have read the review before I spent over a $1,000 for it.

My friends 12 year old washer she bought for $50 off craigslist works much better and gets my clothes clean.

Style of Washer 

HE Frontload

Rate Cleaning Performance 


Feature You Love Most 

Look of stainless steel, the efficiency for utilities and on environment

Could it be Improved? 

Absolutely, it doesn't clean clothes well for the price.

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