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Home Hardware Classic YD-904 Infrared Heater Review

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By Outlander

Infrared Heater Reviews

Brand, Model, Capacity, Style: 

Home hardware classic YD-904 infrared

Date of purchase: 

Nov 14 2012

Energy Savings 


Maintains Heat Well or Not 

Heats up very well

Worth the Expense? 


Space Heated 

In my garage

Best Features 

Quiet , remote control, and shut off timer

My Review 

Really impressed with how well this heater functions when air passes through the PCO filter, into the PTC cell and then through the copper heating chamber. There are no quartz elements or bulbs to replace and has the longest working life of 80.000 hours as compared to 20,000 by most other heaters. Have tried the heater in various rooms of the house and the unit works great. I bought it to put in my double car garage which is insulated and dry-walled. Not expecting this unit to perform the same as in the house with no drafts. My intention is to get the temperture more comfortable when servicing, cleaning the cars or building a project. This heater does the job very well by taking the chill out of the air. Had a portable garage heater before and found that this infrared heater is a lot more efficient. Very happy with the product.

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