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Classic Infrared Heater Review

Reader Reviews: Infrared Heater Reviews

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By Walter W. Wilson

Infrared Heater Reviews

Brand, Model, Capacity, Style: 

Clasic 1500 W

Date of purchase: 

Nov 26, 2012

Energy Savings 


Maintains Heat Well or Not 

It doesn't reset and start following a power outage.

Worth the Expense? 


Space Heated 

Heats well when supervised.

Best Features 

Bad feature; it doesn't reset and start after a power outage.

My Review 

This heater is worth the expense and it does a good job when it is attended; as far as I know it operates more efficiently than a standard baseboard electic heater. However, following a recent two hour power outage it did not reset and start. Over the next few days the room cooled and my water pipes froze. This unit should be used in supervised/frequented locations only. This limitation should be clearly stated in the unit's brochure. I would recommend it only with qualifications

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