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Electrolux EIDW6105GW1 Dishwasher Review

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By Michele

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Electrolux, EIDW6105GW1,

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My Review 

Purchased dishwasher on 4/1/09 but installed in 6/09 due to kitchen remodeling. After a couple of months it stop working, called Electrolux and the error code indicated a water leak. Electrolux sent out tech who just reset it saying there was no leak. After a couple of weeks the same thing happend and called the repair company back. They came out and after talking to Electrolux they ordered a new computer for the front of the machine. Now after it was out of warranty it stopped working but the error code said there was a drain clog. Called a local repair shop who opened it up thinking they would need a new drain pump, and found that it had been leaking all along and the main brain box was cracked. I was told it would cost more to fix then replace. I contected Electrolux with all of this info, the model number and the serial number. They responded by email the they recommend I buy a service contract on my FREEZER! So I asked them if I buy a service contract on a freezer I don't have, will it cover the repairs on my DISHWASHER that is already broke? All I got was an email saying they meant dishwasher not freezer.

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Built-in Model

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versatile racking

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did not clean well

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