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Housewares / Appliances: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Which Way Should My Ceiling Fan Rotate?
Which way should the ceiling fan rotate during summer to help cool a room or during winter to circulate the warm air? Ceiling fan rotation - how to know which way your ceiling fan should turn; ceiling fan direction; finding the right setting for your ceiling fan
Top-Loading vs Front-Loading Washers - Which is...
Comparison of top-loading and front-loading washers. Helping you choose the right kind of washing machine for your home. Comparing top-load and front-loading washers.
Why You Should Try Silicone Bakeware
Silicone basics and tips on how to use silicone tools and bakeware such as bread pans, muffin tins and cake pans.
Cool Mist vs. Warm Mist Humidifiers
What is the difference in cool and warm mist humidifiers and how do I know if I need one? Choosing between a cool or warm humidifiers; benefits of cool mist and warm mist humidifiers; buying a portable humidifier
Important Guests Coming to Dinner? Set a Formal...
How to set a table properly for guests. Setting a table is easy, proper table setting, table etiquette, formal table setting
Before You Buy A Room Humidifier - Humidifier...
Buying tips you should know before you buy a humidifier; humidifier buying tips, buy humidifier; buying a room humidifier; buy cool mist humidifier; buy warm mist humidifier; understanding humidifiers and how to buy a humidifier
What Exactly Does an Air Purifier's Ionizer Do?
Should I buy an air purifier that has an ionizer? The facts about air cleaner ionizers and how they help your air cleaner work more efficiently.
Shark Sonic Duo Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner...
Shark Sonic Duo Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner Review; review of Shark's Sonic Duo Cleaner
5 Signs You May Need a Dehumidifier
Find out what to watch for if your home has too much humidity; 5 Signs You Need a Dehumidifier; how to know if you need a dehumidifier
What You Should Know About Home Humidity Levels
The right amount of humidity - when too much is not good! Be careful not too add too much humidity to your home, it can create severe health concerns. Tips for controlling moisture in your home. Adding moisture can make your home more comfortable. How to control home moisture; recommended moisture level
Super Simple Banana Smoothie Recipe
Make a super simple smoothie with only 4 ingredients and a personal blender. How to make a simple banana smoothie with few ingredients; simple smoothie recipe; banana smoothie recipes
Everything You Need to Know about High...
High Efficiency (HE) Washers and Detergents 101 - What You Should Know Finding solutions to front-load washer mold. Resolving smelly washer problems; How to use a high efficiency washer
Get to Know the Santoku Kitchen Knife
What is a Santoku knife and what it is used for? What makes a Santoku different from other cutlery knives? A look at a Santoku style knife
Best Carpet Spot Cleaners for Carpet and...
Carpet Spot Cleaner, Best Carpet Spot Cleaners, a look at Bissell's popular carpet spot cleaners, find the best carpet spot cleaner for your home, best carpet and upholstery spot cleaner
Wool Blanket Care - How to Wash Woolen Blankets
How to wash woolen blankets to keep them in good condition. How to care for your woolens.
What You Should Never Do With a Steam Floor Mop
What you shouldn't do with a steam floor mop; how to use a steam floor mop and tips on using a steam floor mop; how to care for a steam floor mop
Does Your Washer Stink? How to Prevent Mold in...
Tips on caring for your front-load high efficiency washer and preventing mold issues from developing; how to prevent mold in front-loading washers and top-load high efficiency washers; front load washer odor solutions, front load washer mold, Washer Fan V - the newest upgrade and permanent solution to washer odor and mold
Using a Portable Steamer or Steam Cleaner
Tips on using a portable steam cleaner or small steamer. Steamers are not designed for any cleaning task, learn what you can and should not do with one.
Are HE Laundry Detergents Really Different from...
HE or high-efficiency laundry detergents and when to use HE detergents. HE detergents are recommended for high efficiency washers; he detergent use
Are You Making This Common Mistake when Using a...
Laundry Detergent Use - Can I Use Regular Detergents in an HE Washer? Learn to use the proper laundry detergent for your washing machine
Before You Buy a Room Air Conditioner
Learn what to look for when buying a room air conditioner. Air conditioner buying tips. Buying a room air conditioner for your home and what features to look for. Room air conditioners include window or wall units, ductless split systems and portable air conditioners.
What's a counter-depth refrigerator?
What is a counter depth refrigerator and how does it differ from a standard refrigerator? What are the benefits of a counter depth refrigerator?
Similar Kitchen Items with Different Uses
Difference Between a Blender and Food Processor; blender vs food processor; what's the difference between a blender and food processor
What You Should Know About Using a Humidifier
What you know about humidifiers; humidifier quick facts; humidifier tips; about humidifiers and what you should know; buying a humidifier; answering your questions about humidifiers; about portable or room humidifiers
What's the Difference Between a Slide-in and...
What's the difference between a slide-in and drop-in ranges? These two range styles have very different installation requirements - what you need to know.
Old Appliances - Donation & Disposal Options...
Options for old appliances. Recycle, donate and dispose of unwanted home appliances. Where to bring old appliances for recycling.
How Does a High Efficiency (HE) Washer Differ...
What is an HE high efficiency washer and dryer? What is an HE washer or dryer? What does high efficiency mean for a washer and dryers; how does a high efficiency washer differ from a traditional washer? HE washer vs traditional washer
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) - What is it and...
What an Energy Efficiency Ratio is and what it means in relation to air conditioners.
How to Spot Quality Stainless Steel Flatware
Confused about stainless steel cutlery? Understanding quality differences in stainless steel flatware.
The Better Vacuum: Upright or Canister?
The pros and cons of upright and canister vacuums. Which type of vacuum is best for you - an upright or canister model?
Buying a Robotic Vacuum? Read This First!
What you need to know before you buy a robotic vacuum. Learn more about robotic vacuums before buying. Robot vacuum buying tips
Moving Tips - How to Pack Your Dishes &...
How to pack your dishes and glassware for moving day to ensure they arrive safely at your destination. Relocating Tips - How to Pack Your Dishes
Before You Buy a Dishwasher - Dishwasher Buying...
Before you buy a dishwasher there's a few tips and suggestions to consider. How to buy a dishwasher. Dishwasher buying tips. All about dishwashers. Dishwashers and what to consider when buying one.
Defining CEE and How it Applies to Home...
What is CEE and how does it relate to washers and dishwashers? What does a washer's CEE Tier III mean?
Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemakers
Best coffeemakers with thermal carafes; best thermal coffee makers
Can I Use Regular Dish Soap in a Dishwasher
Can I Use Regular Dish Soap in a Dishwasher?
Freezers - Chest vs Upright Freezers - Which...
Which freezer style is better, a chest or upright freezer? There are trade-offs to styles of freezers. Here's a look at freezer style differences. How to buy a freezer. Freezer buying tips. Freezers and how to choose between freezer types.
Bundt Basics - Tips on How to Use a Bundt Cake...
Tips on how to use a Bundt® cake pan. Making Bundt cakes is super easy and presentation is wonderful. What you need to know about making a Bundt cake or using Bundt bakeware.
How to Care for Nonstick Cookware
How to use and care for your nonstick cookware and bakeware.
The Cooking Utensils and Tools No Kitchen...
Cooking utensils list; basic kitchen utensils and other chefs tools that make food preparation easier
Before You Buy a Washer - Washer Buying Tips...
Tips on buying a washer. What you should consider when buying a washing machine. Washer buying tips and resources. How to buy a washer.
Love your java? A single serve at home can make...
Before You Buy a Single Serve Coffee Maker; single serve brewer buying tips; before you buy a pod or k-cup brewer; buying a single serve for an office; office brewer buying tips
Melamine Tableware - Weighing in on the Health...
A look at the health risks with using melamine dishes; melamine tableware and is it safe to use; melamine dinnerware safe usetips
Smoothtop Electric Cooktop Care - What Not to...
Things to avoid if you have a ceramic or glass cooktop; essential smoothtop electric cooktop care tips
5 Must-Have Appliances for the Allergy Sufferer
5 Must-Have Appliances for the Allergy Sufferer
Is it Really Bone China? - A Quick Way to...
A quick method to confirm whether that old plate is really bone china.
Freezers - Find the Best Freezer for Your Home
How to find the best freezer for your home; how to buy a freezer; freezer 101 from buying to caring for a freezer; finding the best freezer
Tips for Cleaning Stainless Steel Cookware
How to clean and care for stainless steel cookware. Tips on how to keep your stainless steel cookware looking good.
Nonstick Pans - Basic Rules for Nonstick Care
The best nonstick pan care will extend the life of your pans; nonstick pan care; non-stick pans and how to care for them; best care for non stick cooking pans
How Do You Season or Cure Cast Iron Fry Pans or...
The process involved to cure or season cast iron fry pans or skillets.
Before You Buy a Water Cooler or Water Dispenser
Water cooler or dispenser buying tips; how to buy a water cooler; how to buy a water dispenser, countertop water dispenser
Before You How to Buy a Clothes Iron, Steamer...
Tips on buying an iron or pressing appliance to press your clothes. Iron buying tips
Before You Buy a Range - Cooking Range Buying...
Buying tips for cooking ranges. Before you shop for a range, read these tips to help you choose the best one for your kitchen and budget.
19 Essential Tools for Baking
Baking tools and equipment; things to bake with; pastry tools and baking utensils, baking tools, what you need to bake, essential baking utensils
Ceramic vs Steel Kitchen Knives - Understanding...
Understanding the difference between a ceramic knife and a steel kitchen knife
Types of Efficient Electric Heat for the Home
Finding Efficient Electric Heat for Your Home; a look at the types of electric heating; what options are available for efficient electric heat
Non-Stick Pots - 10 Ways to Ruin a Nonstick Pot...
Ten ways to ruin a non-stick pot or baking pan - things you should not do with non-stick cookware or bakeware. Keeping your best nonstick cookware looking good.
How to Buy a Home Refrigerator
What you should consider when buying a refrigerator. Refrigerator buying tips. Before you buy a refrigerator information.
What's the Difference Between Convection and...
The difference between convection heaters and radiant heaters, how to choose between them and what to look for when choosing one.
Baking Dishes - Options for Bakeware and Baking...
Types of baking dishes; bakeware choices, baking dishes; pros and cons of various types of bakeware, silicone bakeware
Thomas Rosenthal Group Santoku Knife Review
From the Thomas Trend Factory line; R121A Carbon stainless steel Stainless steel handle; Included in
How to Use a Steam Mop Efficiently
How to Use a Steam Mop Efficiently; what you should know about steam mops
Before You Buy a Dryer - Dryer Buying Tips -...
Buying advice including must-have and convenience features for dryers, what you need to know if you're shopping for a dryer, dryer buying tips, how to buy a dryer, what to look for in a dryer
Free Firewood - Where to Find Free Firewood for...
Where you can find free firewood to burn in your heat stove. Supplement your firewood supply with salvage or bargain wood.
Before You Buy an All-in-One Washer Dryer Combo...
Before you buy a washer/dryer combo laundry unit; buy a washer dryer appliance; washer/dryer combo buying tips; appliance for washing and drying
Controlling Suds When Non-He Detergent is Used...
When Non-He Detergent is Used in an He Washer; what to do when bubbles form in an he washer after the wrong detergent is used; improper detergent use in an he washer; Controlling Suds When Non-He Detergent is Used in an He Washer
Before You Buy a Kitchen Blender
Before you buy a kitchen blender, blender buying tips, how to shop for a blender. Blender buying tips and how to shop for a blender; kitchen blender buying tips
Best 12-Qt Stock Pots
Top picks of 12 qt stockpots and their unique features. 12 Qt soup or stock pots are conveniently sized to cook up your favorite soups, sauces and more; best stock pots
Bread Storage Options
A look at bread storage options. Keeping bread in a mostly airtight keeper will help to keep it fresh longer. Where you keep bread stored can affect freshness.
Common Uses for a Garment Steamer
Common Uses for a Garment Steamer, when to use your garment steamer; types of garment steamers
What Does a Steam Feature on a Washer Do
Steam washers and what the steam feature does; the benefits of a steam in a high efficiency washer; is steam a washer feature worth having
How To Make a Unique Gift Basket - It's so Easy
How to make a unique gift basket customized for that special person. It's very easy to assemble one, I can show you how. Learn how to make a gift basket.
Before You Buy a Wood-Burning Pellet Stove or...
Before you buy a wood-burning pellet stove, there are a few things to consider, such as installation, whether dual fuel, availability and types of pellets and more.
Keurig Brewer My K-Cup Reusable Filter 5048...
Keurig Brewer My K-Cup Reusable Filter Review, reusable filter review for Keurig brewers, Keurig filter review; tips on using a Keurig My K-Cup Filter
What's the Difference Between a Griddle and...
What's the difference between a griddle and a grill?
Refrigerator Ice & Water Dispensers - Is the...
Is the convenience of having an ice and water dispenser through the door of your refrigerator really worth the cost? Consider the cost of the features before making a refrigerator buying decision.
How to Adjust the Beater to Bowl Clearance on a...
How to adjust the beater to bowl clearance on a KitchenAid stand mixer. Getting the KitchenAid mixer to mix all the batter. How to align the beater for better mixing action on a KitchenAid mixer. What to do when your KitchenAid stand mixer is not mixing all the batter.
Carpet Cleaner 101 - How to Find the Best...
Find the Best Carpet Cleaner; carpet steam cleaner buying tips, reviews and features; all about carpet cleaners, carpet steam cleaners
Signs That You Need a Humidifier
Signs that you may need a humidifier; how to tell if you need a humidifier
What's the Difference Between a Slow Cooker and...
What's the difference between a slow cooker and roaster oven? Are they the same or cook differently?
Buying Home Appliances - Should You Consider...
Colored appliances are back, but is color right for you? Buying home appliances and choosing the finish.
What Not to Burn in Your Heat Stove
What you should avoid burning in your wood stove or fireplace. What not to burn in your wood-burning heat stove. Some of these items should never be used for wood heat.
Why You Should Try an Infrared Heater
Infrared heaters and how to find the best one. Why infrared heaters are a good zone heating option; infrared heaters, features and buying tips
Window Air Conditioner vs Ductless Mini-Split...
Window Air Conditioner vs Split Ductless Cooling System - which is best for your home? The pros and cons of window air conditioners and split ductless air conditioning systems; ductless mini-split air conditioner pro's and con's; window air conditioner pro's and con's
What is Energy Star?
Energy Star and what it means for appliances.
Bissell ProHeat - A Look at Bissell ProHeat...
A look at Bissell ProHeat 2X Steam Carpet Cleaners and differences between leading models; Bissell ProHeat Steam Carpet Cleaners
What is a Cord of Firewood?
How much wood is a cord of wood?
When to Have a Carbon Monoxide Detector...
When should you have an active carbon monoxide detector in your home? This list of carbon monoxide risk appliances will confirm when you should install a detector.
Pressure Cooker vs Pressure Canner - How They...
Difference between a pressure cooker and pressure canner; pressure cooker versus a pressure canner; why a pressure cooker is different from a pressure canner
Whole-House vs. Portable Humidifiers: Which Is...
The pros and cons of the two major types of humidifiers: Whole house and portable room units.
Coffee Makers & Benefits of Each Type of Coffee...
The benefits of each type of coffee maker; types of coffee makers, coffeemaker types, styles of coffeemakers
Humidifiers - Ultrasonic vs Evaporative...
How to choose between an ultrasonic and evaporative humidifier; ultrasonic humidifiers versus evaporative humidifiers; best humidifier type for quiet operation; humidifier types; humidifier white dust control;
Best Cook Top Cleaners
Best and Worst Cook Top Cleaners; best cleaners to use for cleaning smooth-top, glass or ceramic range cooktops
Best Appliance Stainless Steel Cleaners
Best Appliance Stainless Steel Cleaners
How to Clean a Coffee Maker With Vinegar
How to clean a coffee maker with vinegar, coffeemaker cleaning, how to clean a coffeemaker, using vinegar to clean a coffee maker
How to Use a Blender and Common Uses
How to use a blender; blender use tips. Tips and common uses for a blender.
Find the Best Cooking Range for Your Kitchen
Find the best cooking range; stove buying tips; range 101 from buying to caring
Refrigerator - Find the Best Refrigerator for...
How to find the best refrigerator for your home; refrigerator 101 from buying to caring for a refrigerator
Iced Coffee Beverage Recipe - Café...
Café Glacé is an easy recipe for homemade frozen coffee or iced cappuccino; How to make an easy iced coffee with a personal blender
Lasagna Pans - Best Lasagna Pans
Best lasagna pans and bakeware to maximize on layers, good heat distribution and beautiful serving; finding the best lasagna pan
Air Conditioner Units - Comparing Central Air...
Central air versus room air conditioners - the pros and cons. Buying tips for air conditioners; deciding on air conditioner units; buying the right air conditioner unit for your home.
Hygrometer - Definition and Practical Use
The definition of hygrometer and how it can help you to maintain air quality in your home; what a hygrometer is and what it tells you; hygrometer and relation to humidifiers.
Best Buffet Serving Dishes - Convenient Food...
Best buffet serving dishes and chafing dishes; kitchenware to keep foods hot or cold on a buffet table - buffet serving dishes.
Heating Your Home - Options for Heating Your Home
A look at the types of home heating systems; options for heating your home; home heating systems and what options are available for home heat; heating your home
Washer Fan Review - Fix for Front Load Washer...
WasherFan - Fix for Front Load Mold Review; WasherFan is a permanent solution to washer mold and stinky towels and laundry - read my review; how to get rid of front load washer mold; review of WasherFan to solve washer mold problems; washing machine mold solutions, fix for frontload washer mold, Washer Fan V - the upgraded model for any back-vented high efficiency washer
Basic Housewares
Basic housewares and appliances every home needs; home essentials, home essential housewares
Need a steam mop to clean your floors?
How to buy a steam mop; steam mop buying tips
Choosing the Best Type of Vacuum for Your Needs
Vacuums come in a variety of types such as uprights, hand-held and canisters. Learn about vacuum types to make a good buying decision.
Which Type of Dishwasher is Right for You?
Which type of dishwasher is right for you? A look at the benefits and constraints of each type of dishwasher model; dishwasher buying tips, finding the best dishwasher
Whirlpool Duet Sport Washer Review
Review of Whirlpool Duet Sport Front-load Washer WFW8500S and its washing cycles and convenience features, Whirlpool Duet Sport review
What Is Convection Cooking?
An explanation of what convection cooking is and how it compares to baking or cooking in a traditional range oven.
Before You Buy a Vacuum - What You Should...
Before you buy a vacuum, here's what you should consider. Vacuum buying tips.
GreenPan Thermolon Ceramic Non-Stick Stockholm...
Review of GreenPan Thermolon Non-stick Stockholm Collection Frypan; Thermolon Ceramic Non-Stick Frypan review
6 Things You Must Do if You Have a Smart Meter
6 Things you must do if you want to save money on a smart meter; on TOU rates and a smart meter? Ways to save money and reduce your smart meter bills
Solutions for Front-Load Washer Mold Issues
Tips and solutions from readers on how to prevent or resolve mold issues with high-efficiency front-load washers. Solutions to high efficiency washer mold.
What's the Difference Between Scissors and...
Difference between scissors and shears; is there a difference between scissors and shears?
How to Dispose of an Old Air Conditioner
How to dispose of an old air conditioner. What's the best way to get rid of an old air conditioner? How to properly dispose of an old air conditioner. What to do with the old air conditioner when replacing it.
Cutting Board Basics - How to Choose & Use a...
Cutting board basics - what you need to know. Comparisons, information and advice on how to buy and use a cutting board in the kitchen.
Freezer Care & Maintenance Tips
A few tips to improve your freezer's performance, move a freezer safely and how to save energy dollars.
Home Steamers - Types of Steam Cleaners and...
Home Steamers and Steam Cleaners - Learn about steam cleaners and other handy home steam appliances, their functions and common uses. Understanding steamers and steam appliance features.
Types of Food Processors and Choppers
Food processors can cover a variety of food prep appliances but you can know the difference between them to make shopping for a food processor easier. How to buy a food processor and the difference between a chopper and a processor.
Why is My Refrigerator Light Not Coming On?
Why is my refrigerator light not coming on when I open the door?
Glass Bakeware Safety Tips
Glass bakeware that can explode, why glass bakeware can explode and how to use glass oven bakeware safely; bakeware that shatters - how to protect yourself
What is a Right Hand Refrigerator & How Does...
How does a right hand refrigerator open? Which way does the refrigerator door open? Refrigerator door tips.
Before You Buy Anti-Fatigue Mats - Buying Tips...
Anti-fatigue mats can make it easier to stand for hours at your kitchen counter, but there are some things you should consider before you buy.
Before You Buy a Freezer - Freezer Buying Tips
Buying tips and considerations when shopping for a freezer. How to buy a freezer. Freezer buying tips. What to consider when shopping for a freezer.
Freezer Installation - Installing a Freezer for...
Installing a chest or upright freezer; best place for a freezer; freezer installation - best places; installing a freezer - things to consider; freezer installation
Washers - How to Find the Best Washer
Buying tips for washers; washer buying tips; how to find the best washer; washing machine buying tips
Wood Heat Stove vs Pellet Wood Stove
Comparing the differences between a wood heat stove and a wood-burning pellet stove. Which type of wood-burning stove is best for your home depends on certain factors.
Washer Vibrations - Causes and Possible Solutions
Why washers vibrate and what you can do to stop it; reasons and solutions to washer vibrations
Santoku Knives - Why Are They So Popular; Does...
Santoku Knives - Why are they so popular and does a Santoku knife replace a variety of kitchen knives?
How to Use a Moen Cartridge Puller on a Moen...
Remove a Moen cartridge more easily with a Moen cartridge puller. Moen cartridge puller information, links and resources.
Before You Buy a Roaster or Roasting Pan
Roasting pan buying tips. How to buy a roaster for your roast, turkey or chicken. Various styles of roasters are available.
Before You Buy an Air Cleaner or Purifier -...
What you should know before you buy an air cleaner or purifier for your home. Air cleaner and purifier buying tips.
Saving Energy - Practical Energy Conservation...
Energy Conservation tips - Energy conversation can save you money. Ways to conserve energy dollars at home. Saving energy all year round. Energy saving tips; about energy saving plus saving water
Types of Cooling Appliances or Air Circulators
A look at the different types of cooling appliances and circulating fans to help keep your home cool and comfortable.
Rice Cookers - Understanding Rice Cooker Size...
Find out how to read a rice cooker's capacity. Rice cooker capacities can be confusing, find out what they mean.
The Pros and Cons of Extended Service Contracts...
Should you consider an extended warranty or service contract for your new appliance? The pros and cons of extended service contracts.
Forever Sharp 8-Pc Cutlery Knife Set Review
Forever Sharp Knife Set review; review of Forever Sharp knives
What's a Polarized Plug?
What is a polarized plug and why should appliances have such a plug?
Before You Buy a Stand Mixer - How to Buy a...
Tips on buying a stand mixer, before you buy a stand mixer, how to buy a stand mixer, how to choose a stand mixer, stand mixer buying tips
Before You Buy a Portable Dehumidifier
Before you buy a dehumidifier; buying a dehumidifier; before you buy a dehumidifier
Selecting a Lasagna Baking Pan
What to look for when you're shopping for a lasagna baking pan.
Freezing Food and Freezer Food Safety
If you hate food waste, learn about freezing foods for best quality and reducing food waste to save money; freezer food storage times, how long to keep food in freezer; recommended freezer temperature
Cuisinart Pressure Cooker Electric Model CPC600...
Cuisinart Pressure Cooker 6-Qt Electric Model CPC-600 review. How Cuisinart's electric pressure cooker performed under a home test
Slowcooker or Crock-Pot Buying Tips - What to...
Before you buy a slowcooker or Crock-pot, what you need to know; how to buy a slowcooker or Crock-Pot
Before You Buy a Portable Washer - Compact...
Portable Washer Buying Tips; before you buy a portable compact washer, learn more about this compact washing machine; compact laundry appliances buying tips
Refrigerator Styles - Which Style is Best for...
A look at different refrigerator styles and which style will work best for you.
Appliance Buying Tips
A listing of before you buy tips and information on housewares and appliances. Appliance buying tips. Buying tips for home appliances.
China Storage Containers for Stemware and Other...
Storage solutions for your fine china, stemware and holiday collection. Bone china and stemware storage cases to protect your cherished dishes; china storage containers for your good china and stemware

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