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Dyson Home Cleaning Kit Review

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Dyson Home Cleaning Kit Review

Dyson Home Cleaning Kit Part No. 920435-01

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The Bottom Line

The Dyson Home Cleaning Kit is well worth the cost and at least two of the three tools are invaluable for home cleaning. You can do areas you cannot clean or dust with standard vacuum tools. I highly recommend it. Dyson also has other cleaning kits, some of which do include some of these tools. Set your sights on the Multi-Angle and Soft Dusting Brushes in particular. They can also be purchased separately.
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  • Tools fit all Dyson vacuums
  • Quick to attach
  • Good variety of angles
  • Multi-angle brush goes to extreme places


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  • Dyson Home Cleaning Kit Part No. 920435-01 includes soft dusting brush, stiff bristle brush, multi-angle brush and adapter
  • Genuine Dyson vacuum tools
  • Soft Dusting Brush for dusting delicate areas around the home, keyboards, fans, blinds
  • Stiff Bristle Brush is for dislodging ground-in and stubborn dirt. (Not recommended for use on delicate flooring, rugs or carpets)
  • Multi Angle Brush twists into various positions to clean high-reach areas. Keeps ceiling fans, furniture tops, and lighting dust free.
  • Tools fit all Dyson vacuums
  • MSRP: $64.99
  • Learn more from manufacturer: Dyson

Guide Review - Dyson Home Cleaning Kit Review

February 4, 2011

Since maintaining a good dust control is extremely important to me, I'm always on the look-out for cleaning tools that make that job easier. I prefer vacuum dusting to simply wiping and this kit appeared to have some very interesting tools. Since I was testing the Dyson City Canister Vacuum, I was curious as to whether this Home Cleaning Kit would enhance its (Dyson City) function and make it a supreme dusting and cleaning tool. The kit has a good variety of tools that can be used with any Dyson vacuum and each has a useful nature. There's also a small adapter that worked with other Dysons, as well as a Shop Vac® and Versus®, but not an Electrolux®. The tools click on very easily, not too snug - so attaching is very quick, either to the wand or hose end, depending on the length of reach you need.

The ultimate tool in this pack is the Multi-Angle Brush and it's useful for either high or low areas. I used it to clean the top of ceiling fans, sides and tops of dressers, high shelving and ledges, tops of drapery rods and also low baseboards and dresser bases to reduce bending. Switching out tools or wand to hose was quick. This is definitely my favorite tool - the Multi-Angle Brush has loads of angle position options and can be adjusted with a simple on-the-go twist at either the connecting or the brush end. That makes for an unlimited variety of angles to work with.

My other favorite is the long soft dusting brush - it works great for keyboards, blinds, the bottom part and edges of the ceiling fan blades, dressers, mirrors, lamp shades or around ornaments and even the vehicle dash. When you get started, it's hard to keep this soft duster just for delicate areas; you can easily forget and use it for more - it's that versatile. The stiff bristle brush is best for cleaning things like auto floor mats and patio door track.
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