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Swiffer Pink Sweeper Kit - Swiffer Limited Edition Pink Sweeper Kit

Home Test of the Swiffer Limited Edition Pink Sweeper Kit

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Swiffer Limited Edition Pink Sweeper Kit

Swiffer Limited Edition Pink Sweeper Kit

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This is a neat pink ribbon product - a Swiffer® Sweeper kit that combines starter accessories for wet and dry floor cleaning.

Product Description

The Limited Edition Pink Swiffer® Sweeper Kit comes with a pink sweeper, two dry sweeping cloths and one wet mopping cloth.
A portion from each sale will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to help fund programs that encourage early breast cancer detection.
Look for the Limited Edition Pink Swiffer products at most large retailers and grocers, or order from the manufacturer.
MSRP: $10.99
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How the Limited Edition Pink Swiffer Sweeper Performed

October 15, 2009 Having owned other versions of the Swiffer Sweeper®, I found the Limited Edition Pink - a nice color change. Assembly of the 5-part sweeper handle was easy, as was attaching the disposable cloths. I really like the swivel action and size of the sweeper head, which makes going into corners and tight areas a breeze.

As for performance, the Pink is effective and typical of other Swiffer Sweepers, except for a couple of things that seem to enhance the dust/dirt pick-up action and hand comfort. The sweeper head has a deeper embossed pattern than the Green Sweeper and the handle has a non-slip insert.

A Swiffer Sweeper is the quickest and easiest way to dust hard surface floors. The sweeper head profile is low so it transitions under furniture edges easily. It did a fine dusting job of laminate and vinyl floors and I found the wet mopping cloth gave the kitchen vinyl a nice quick cleaning. The best part? Being able to throw out those grungy cloths.

Overall Impression

This starter kit has a nice blend of accessories, two dry and one wet cloths - a good way for a consumer to try out the Sweeper's wet mopping function. The Limited Edition Pink Sweeper is a practical and effective floor cleaning tool, the starter kit is economical and it's a good way to support breast cancer research.

This product was provided by the manufacturer.

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