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Steamboy T2 Sweeper and Steam Mop Review

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Steamboy T2 Sweeper and Steam Mop Review

Steamboy T2 by Reliable

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Sweeping or vacuuming before using a steam mop is essential if you want to do a good steam cleaning. Otherwise, you just smear the debris around as you steam mop. The Steamboy T2 combines these two tasks into one machine. That's very innovative, but each function must be efficient to make this a worthy cleaning tool. Let's see how it performs.

Product Despcription

    Reliable Steamboy T2 Sweeper and Steam Mop
  • Sweeps and steam mops designed for sealed hard surface floors
  • Heavy-duty wide coverage sweeper bristles
  • 8" Sweeper cleaning path; 11" steam pad cleaning path
  • Chemical-free cleaning - use water only
  • 180deg swivel head
  • Comes with two washable microfiber pads (wash and hang to dry)
  • Powerful 1500W heating element
  • 3.3 cup water capacity
  • 30 Minutes continuous steam
  • 16' Electrical cord with wrap around feature
  • 1 Replaceable water filter
  • Learn more from the manufacturer; watch manufacturer's video
  • MSRP: $129.00

How the Steamboy T2 Performed

January 2, 2013
Out of the box, this floor tool is fairly easy to assemble, but you'll need a small Phillips screwdriver. Steamboy T2 is lightweight overall and seems to be very well made with a nice fit and finish. Note that it's designed for cleaning sealed hard surfaces. You can also steam-freshen carpets using the carpet glide. The sweeping function utilizes a brush roller that rotates to 'sweep' surface particles into the dust bin.

The idea with this sweeper/steam mop combination tool, is to sweep the area first, then steam mop your sealed floors and you can also do it simultaneously for the occasional mess. According to the manual, you should always have a pad attached and water in the tank. I tested this tool as recommended, sweeping first, then steaming, but I found that you really need to change the pad to steam.

Otherwise, the dust/dirt not swept up but accumulated on the dry pad, tends to get smeared around when wet, sometimes leaving a line of dirt in some places. To avoid this, change to a clean dry pad and proceed with steaming. For this reason and to change as required, you might want to purchase some extra pads. The unit comes with two.

There's plenty of steam and you can control the flow with the steam release button. I did find that the floor seems to take longer than expected to dry. You should ensure not to touch this button and release water while dry sweeping. I did try sweeping without the pad attached - that works much better for that function, though I can understand the reasoning of having a pad there at all times.

Things I really like include: The comfortable handle, the fact that the unit stands upright on its own - something most steam mops cannot do, there's plenty of steam, the pads are super easy to replace, wash (hang dry), ample size water tank, efficiency of the sweeper and the price of this dual-function cleaning tool is very reasonable.

When it comes to cleaning efficiency, the sweeping function works well. Though not a vacuum, it does pick up loose surface dirt, plant leaves, crumbs and such on hard surfaces. Being able to change from sweeping to steaming was especially handy for cleaning occasional messes, such as those usually found under the table after a meal.

The steam mop function however, is hampered somewhat because of the sweeper design and placement of the pad. You cannot steam close to the wall or floor transition strip with a frontal approach, but must steam along the side if you want to reach those areas. For a whole room cleaning, my preference would still be to vacuum the area first, then to steam mop, so I'm not totally sold on this tool for doing large areas, but it does shine for cleaning up after small messes. So I can see it being a worthy cleaning tool for some. Keep in mind that depending on the mess, you might have to change the pad to get the area clean - that's typical with steam mop use.

The cord could be longer to enable cleaning a larger area and though I had no problem inserting the water tank, some may find it slippery when wet. A small nonslip area on each side would improve grip. The dust bin is a very nice size, but a release button would keep it from falling out accidentally when you turn over the tool to check, apply or remove a pad. Note that you can just lift the tool onto the pad - it adheres easily. But that didn't keep us from inclining the unit occasionally, making the dust pan fall out and creating another mess.

I also found the tool easy to move around when sweeping and light to carry to another floor. But when steaming, the slight increase in weight due to the dual function takes more time and effort than using the average steam mop. That's basically the reason why I prefer it for small messes and areas.

Overall Impression and Related Resources

Steamboy T2 seems well made, the handle design is very comfortable and the tool is easy to use. The dirt bin is convenient to remove to empty and a good size. This floor tool is best suited for cleaning/steaming simultaneously after occasional messes, to keep the kitchen/dining, entrance, pet area, bathroom or other small spaces clean and sanitized. It's that much quicker than trying to clean messes with a broom, mop or paper towels and requires no bending. The tool is also fairly compact to store or keep in a corner for quick retrieval when needed.

Reliable Corporation is an innovative family-operated business with decades of experience in the sewing, fabric care and steam appliances industries.

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