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Ergonomic Tools RoboBroom and Dustpan Review

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Ergonomic Tools RoboBroom and Dustpan Review

Sii Tools Ergonomic RoboBroom and Dustpan

Photo © Ergonomic Tools
Anything that promises to reduce wrist and arm strain while sweeping, raking or doing other similar tasks certainly deserves a try, especially if you have arthritis. And the RoboHandle (patent pending) which is the unique part of this broom and dustpan, did win for being a great invention at the INPEX 2011 convention for Cleaning Product & Equipment, so I was anxious to try it out.

Product Despcription

    Ergonomic Tools RoboBroom and Dustpan
  • Includes the RoboHandle on the broom and on the long handled dustpan
  • RoboHandle (patent pending) is ergonomically designed to help absorb the torque to reduce the potential for operator injury to arm, wrist or hand.
  • Reduces strain on wrists while working
  • According to Ergonomic Tools, RoboHandle (TM) has been engineered to provide an increased torque so that we can easily move relatively large objects (increasing our leverage) such as long brooms and dust pans.
  • Easy to hang to store
  • Learn more from the manufacturer
  • Retails around $25

How the RoboBroom & Dustpan Performed

Sii Tools RoboHandle

Photo © Sii Tools
August 9, 2012
There was some assembly required and instructions are provided with the product. At first glance, these look awkward, but when you start using the RoboHandled broom and dustpan, you immediately notice the lack of wrist movement and strain as you sweep. The dustpan is a very good size and you can easily pick up debris with it.

What makes these cleaning tools so different is the RoboHandle which changes how you usually sweep, moving the action up to the arm muscles, rather than the wrist. Since we both have arthritis in wrists and hands, the change and resulting benefit with this kind of action was immediately noticed.

The Robo Handle is attached to the broom (and dustpan) with a few screws, so it is secure but can also be removed. You can easily store these tools simply by hanging them from the arm loop. Attaching the RoboHandle to a regular broom is possible, but requires a little install. Replacement parts are currently not available for these products.

As for quality, the RoboHandle is plastic and reasonable. The broom head has stiffer and longer bristles than most kitchen brooms, which makes it easier to sweep into the dustpan. The dustpan seems well-designed to easily sweep dirt in and it is reasonably well made and holds a fair amount too. The manufacturer says it can hold up to 20 lbs. It's also easy to dump.

There's a scraper of sorts designed into the broom head, which would make it easy to use to remove snow from a vehicle. This application would be very convenient but I couldn't test it right now. Watch video.
Update November 2012: My hubby has confiscated this RoboBroom and Dustpan for his workshop and is commenting how he can't ever see doing without these easy, quick-to-use tools that require no bending to clean up his shop floor mess. He highly recommends this set.

Overall Impression

The RoboBroom and RoboDustpan do what they claim to and reduce the strain generally put on wrists and hands when sweeping. The RoboBroom is lightweight and the long handled dustpan is also very convenient for picking up debris and general floor dirt, without having to bend over. These are nice tools to have if you suffer from arthritis as the RoboHandle design minimizes use of the wrist to accomplish the task. They are must easier on the wrist, hand and arm than the traditional way of sweeping or handling a broom and dustpan.

One thing to remember about these tools, they are light duty and not industrial grade, but highly functioning household tools. Because of the RoboHandle, they get top notch rating for design and function, but because of the cheaper plastics used in these tools, durability is questionable and my rating reflects this. I would highly recommend these cleaning tools to anyone with arthritis or wrist problems. They could also be used in the shop or garage but do have a very lightweight nature. The long-handled RoboDustpan is a back saver and those with back problems could certainly benefit from the RoboHandle tools too.

Update July 2013: Watch new videos: Video 1, Video 2

About the Company and Related Resources

Sii Tools Ergonomic RoboBroom and Dustpan

Photo © Sii Tools
Ergonomic Tools (Previously Sii Tools) is located in Wheeling, Illinois and is the inventor of the RoboHandle (patent pending). They currently sell cleaning tools that are equipped with this uniquely-designed ergonomic handle, including a RoboBroom, RoboDustpan and RoboRake but are also looking at expanding the line.

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