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Ergonomic Tools InLine RoboHandle Review

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Ergonomic Tools InLine RoboHandle Review

InLine RoboHandle by Ergonomics Tools Inc

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While I have already tested the RoboBroom and Dustpan, an InLine RoboHandle™ to attach to other household or yard cleaning tools as required would be very convenient. Keep reading to see how this worked out.

Product Despcription

    The InLine RoboHandle™ was invented by Ergonomic Tools Inc and is a handle that can be added to most common household cleaning tools, rakes and such.
  • The RoboHandle is available in two sizes:
    The medium size will fit tool pole diameters between 7/8" to 1-1/4" (90% of all tool handles like brooms, dustpans, trash pickers, push brooms, dust mops, high reach dusters, push mops, paint sticks, extension poles, window squeezes, floor squeezes, pool skimmer, ice pick, trash picker, and more).
    The large size will fit tool pole diameters between 1" to 1-1/2" (10% of all tool handles like heavy duty gardening tools and extension poles).
  • The InLine RoboHandle can be attached to tool poles by using the included clamps, screws or just sliding it on if a snug fit.
  • Ergonomic design that reduces hand and wrist strain
  • Easy to attach to tools
  • Extremely durable
  • Arm ring folds for storage or to hang
  • Learn more from Ergonomic Tools Inc.
  • RoboHandle products will be available December 2012, from www.broom.com (Canada) and www.starmaxgroup.com (USA)

How it Performed & Overall Impresion

InLine RoboHandle in Use on Tools

Photo © RoboHandle
November 6, 2012
The InLine RoboHandle© comes with two stainless steel clamps to attach it to tools, but you can also remove these easily and use (included) sheet metal screws if you want a more permanent fix. We tried the two sizes of RoboHandles on several different cleaning tools including floor and dusting mops, telescopic window squeegee which is also a paint roller extension, household push and angled brooms, as well as outside on the rake and the broom we use to clean snow off the vehicle.

Attaching the handle is extremely easy and in many cases, it was a snug fit and little or no clamp adjustment needed to hold it on. The medium size was the most practical for us. It fit almost all of our household tools. We have a floor mop with an aluminum pole with a thick rubber grip on the top end - it proved more challenging, but not impossible with the larger handle. The RoboHandle worked like a charm and in one case - on the window squeegee, it seemed to extend the reach slightly.

Though I was skeptical at first about the durability of this handle when I tested the RoboBroom and Dustpan, it has proven to be extremely durable. This handle will most likely outlast your broom. The plastics are industrial grade and strong, which is important when coupled with cleaning tools.

As advertised, the RoboHandle removes the wrist strain usually associated with a sweeping, mopping or raking action. You tend to use your arm strength rather than keep turning or pulling on the wrist. That makes for a much more comfortable grip. It also means that you can do more with that arm, leaving the other free for whatever. As demonstrated in the video on the inventor's site and from the image of hanging tools with RoboHandles attached, you can get quite creative with this tool accessory. You can do more and get the job done quickly.

Though it works fine on a push broom, I preferred it on an angled (broom) type because I tend to pull, rather than push when sweeping. To use a regular dustpan to pick up sweepings, I did have to reposition my hand on the broom due to the height differences and handle design, which was expected. The best solution is a pair of RoboHandle'd tools - a long-handled dustpan as well as a broom. This would be ideal for those with back issues or bending constraints. For arthritis sufferers, it minimizes wrist action.

In fact, I'd love to see a somewhat smaller version of the Robo Dustpan for kitchen use. My hubby has been using the original RoboBroom and Dustpan set in his workshop for a couple of months and won't part with it. He finds them so comfortable to use and not having to bend down to pick up sawdust on the floor, is a big plus.

I can see why the original RoboHandle™ won the Gold Medal winning invention of 2011 at the INPEX convention. It's that innovative and delivers when it comes to usefulness and making those household or yard tasks more comfortable. We both recommend the InLine RoboHandle and the RoboHandle products.
Update July 2013: Watch new videos: Video 1, Video 2

About the Company and Related Resources

Ergonomic Tools (previously Sii Tools) is located in Wheeling, Illinois and is the inventor of the RoboHandle©. They currently sell cleaning tools that are equipped with this uniquely-designed ergonomic handle, including a RoboBroom, RoboDustpan and RoboRake but are also looking at expanding the line. The InLine RoboHandle is a new product release (Dec 2012) that converts your household, garage or yard cleaning tools into efficient and wrist strain-free equipment. RoboHandle products will be available from www.broom.com (Canada) and www.starmaxgroup.com (U.S.) this December.

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RoboHandle by Ergonomics Tools Inc

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