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Vacuum 101 - How to Buy a Vacuum and Care for it

Vacuum Cleaner Buying and Maintenance


In today's world of high tech features and convenience options, buying a vacuum can be overwhelming. These resources can guide you through all the steps from considering what features are available to selecting the type of vacuum that is right for you. I'll even give you tips on caring for your new vacuum and provide answers to frequently asked vacuum questions.

Explore the Benefits of Owning a Vacuum: What to Consider Before You Buy a Vacuum:

Some vacuum cleaner models look very similar yet prices vary considerably. Be informed and learn how to buy a vacuum so you can be satisfied with your purchase. Which Type of Vacuum Should You Buy? Vacuum Features & Accessories - Why They Matter Learn About Vacuum Performance, Filtration & Sanitizing Features: Vacuum Warranties & Extended Service Contracts

While most canister or upright vacuums come with a one year warranty, it's not unusual to find some brands like Dirt Devil or Electrolux models to have two year coverage, with some manufacturers offering even longer periods - 5 years for Dyson, and 3-10 years for Oreck vacuums. Central vacuums tend to have an even wider range of warranty periods and coverage varies for different components. It's a good idea to read your warranty policy as not all parts will be included and in certain cases, a longer coverage may be provided for sealed units than for other parts.

When the purchase cost of a vacuum is high but warranty coverage is low, you may want to consider an extended service contract which may save you money in the event of breakdowns.
Pros & Cons of Extended Warranties & Service Contracts

Vacuum FAQ's: Now That You Own a Vacuum - Learn How to Care for it:

With a little care your new vacuum will operate to maximum potential and last longer. Learn a few tips to prevent costly repair bills and where to find help when you need it.

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