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Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum Review

Home Test of Dyson Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum DC35

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Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum Review

Dyson Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum DC35

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The Dyson Slim offers cordless convenience and boasts to outperform other cordless models when it comes to suction. This I have to see.

Product Description

Dyson Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum DC35 Multi-Floor
  • Root Cyclone™ technology
  • Dyson digital motor
  • Rechargeable 22.2V lithium-ion battery
  • Motorized Floor Tool with anti-static carbon fiber brushes for hard floors; stiffer nylon brushes for carpets; and pivoting head
  • Detachable 26.1" long-reach lightweight wand
  • Docking (wall-mount) station stores and recharges vacuum; recharge time about 3 hrs
  • Run time: 15 Minutes high suction (13 minutes with powered floor tool); or 6 minutes on MAX for difficult cleaning
  • Combined debris tool and brush, crevice tool
  • Clear bagless dirt bin (empties from bottom)
  • Weighs less than 5 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2 Yrs
  • MSRP $299.99
  • Learn more from Dyson

How the Dyson Slim Performed

February 28, 2010
The Digital Slim has some good accessories including a powered floor tool and a wand, making it much more versatile than other cordless models. I like the wall-mounted charging station, it offers grab-and-go convenience. You can charge the unit without the station, if you are unable to install it for whatever reason. The cord is rather short and should be longer for a more convenient station install.

The motorized floor tool does a good job on both low pile carpets and hard surfaces - has soft and harder bristles, and has a nice swivel action. A quick push on a slide button drops the bottom of the dirt bin, to empty it into the garbage - quickly done. Other Dyson tools like those from the Home Cleaning Kit and the Dyson City, also fit the Slim, expanding its cleaning potential. I actually preferred using the Dyson City's articulating hard floor tool with the Slim to dust laminate floors, simply because it added about 4" to the cleaning path. The wand is definitely good to have; I used it most of the time to reduce climbing or bending.

As for performance, it claims to outperform other cordless vacuums and it certainly lives up to that claim. Suction is constant during run time which is about 15 minutes or shorter if you use the MAX setting. Sounds short, but it was adequate for a quick cleaning of mats, entrance, kitchen crumbs and bathroom - before company came, with a little power to spare. It's also a quick alternative to sweeping after dinner; cleaning after a craft project, picking up plant debris and general touch-ups. It was fairly comfortable to hold, except that after a few minutes I found it was irritating my thumb joint when the unit was held high, as with overhead dusting. However, my hubby did not have any discomfort at all, so a smaller hand could have been the reason.

Overall Impression

The Dyson Digital Slim definitely has the best suction of any cordless model I've tried, whether handheld or stick design. As for carpeting, it does a good job of removing surface dirt/dust from low pile, as well as gravel from entrance mats, but I wouldn't expect it to work well with high pile carpets. While cordless vacuums usually have few accessories and tiny intake points, this one is more reasonable, making it easier and more efficient to clean.

I've always had a cordless vacuum on hand for cleaning up after crafts, but I've found them generally way underpowered to be much use for other things. Not so with the Dyson Slim, it has proven to be a very practical cleaning tool. The more I used it; the more I loved it. And it proved very helpful for quick touch-ups while we were rearranging living room furniture and electronics. We were not tripping over a cord or canister vacuum.

While you can do a lot of cleaning with the Dyson Slim, I don't feel it would replace having a main vacuum. For the average home, think of it more as an efficient, quick-to-grab cleaning tool for picking up messes, spider webs, crumbs and dirt, dust, or just making the place presentable in between regular vacuuming sessions. So in effect, you'll have to drag out the big vacuum less often and that means it can save you time and effort.

There's no problem with various floor types anywhere in the home (unsure about high pile carpets), but trying to clean large areas would be time-consuming, given the smaller cleaning path of the floor tool. That being said, it's ideal for a senior's or student's dorm room, home office, sewing room or just to keep in the mud room for quick clean-ups there. It would also be very useful in an RV, especially with the wall-mount station. Another nice feature - it stops drawing energy when the charge is complete, so the cordless-in-waiting convenience is not costing you. As for price, it is more expensive than other cordless models, but is way more efficient, more versatile by design plus it has a two year warranty.

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DC35 cordless, Member musicman65

Right from the start, this little cordless has proven itself time and time again. There is not a day goes by that I don't grab it off it's docking station and clean up any number of spills, dust, and other household debris. The good part is, it has never failed me and runs to it's advertised time every time. I would be hard pressed to find one as good as the DC35. The only thing I have had to do is keep the filter and brushes clean. Best buy for me money.

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