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Moving Tips - How to Pack Your Dishes & Glassware When Relocating


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Moving Tips: Packing Glassware - Insert Paper in Open End
Wrapping Glassware

Wrapping Glassware

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Always start packing your carton with the heaviest, sturdiest glassware, ending with most fragile in the top half of the box. This may be glass serving trays or heavy glass mugs for the bottom layers. I'll illustrate wrapping sherbet dishes, drinkware and plates, but the method is basically the same for all your breakables. The key is to have lots of packing material in the bottom and top of the box and each piece wrapped individually for the best protection.

Lay your piece of glassware on the stack of wrapping paper. Using one sheet of paper, insert some paper into the open end of the dish. This will provide more cushioning. Fold or tuck both sides of the paper up and over it. Roll and tuck sides in as you roll each piece. Always wrap each dish separately. For crystal or very thin glassware you can double wrap by repeating this procedure.

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