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Melamine (Dinnerware)


Definition: Melamine is a chemical that is used in many applications, coatings and products including dinnerware and other kitchen plastics. It also has many industrial applications. When used in the manufacture of tableware, the compound is called melamine-formaldehyde resin. Melamine dinnerware was marketed as a popular unbreakable family tableware in the 1950's but lost much of its shine by the 1980's and was relegated to campers and picnics.

Through the years, there has been limited patterns and styles, but melamine dishes have recently made a comeback, sporting vibrant colors and patterns and of course, its signature lightweight design. Children's dishes can also be found in various patterns. To see what melamine dinnerware looks like, compare prices for the various styles and patterns available.

Concern over the use and safety risk associated with melamine has grown and though the FDA deems it safe to use (with caution), the consumer must weigh the facts and make their own decision.

For more about the health risks related to melamine tableware and how to use it safely, read Melamine Tableware - Weighing the Risks

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Pronunciation: me.la.mi.ne
Also Known As: Melamine, Melmac
Common Misspellings: Melemine
Most colorful plastic dishes used during the 1950's and 1960's were melamine dinnerware.

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