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Resources and information for tableware, including dinnerware, glassware, stemware, and servingware.

How to Clean & Polish Silverware, Silver Plate Tableware
Tips for Cleaning Silverware, Silver Plate Tableware; How to Clean & Polish Silverware, Silver Plate Tableware

Weiman Silver Polish, Wright's Silver Cream and Silver Polish Reviews
Weiman Silver Polish, Wright's Silver Cream and Wright's Silver Polish Reviews; reviews of Weiman and Wright's brands of silver polish and cleaners

EcoSeaTile SeaCoasters, Wine Stopper Review
EcoSeaTile SeaCoasters, Wine Stopper Review; sea shell coaster and wine bottle stopper review

UpShelf - Detachable Umbrella Pole Shelf Review
UpShelf Umbrella Pole Shelf Review; Upshelf - the detachable umbrella shelf

Kitchen Videos for Kitchenware, Cutlery & How to Set a Table
Learn more about the kitchen by watching About.com videos on kitchenware, cutlery, knives, baking tools and tabletop including how to the set a table

Oskar SoftBrew Porcelain Coffee Pot Review
Review of Oskar SoftBrew 8-Cup Porcelain Coffee Pot Review

Adagio Teas's IngenuiTEA Teapot Review
IngenuiTEA Teapot Review

Tableboards by Spinella
Tableboards by Spinella are quite unique and a functional accent for your dining table

Fiesta Dinnerware Marigold by Homer Laughlin China Co.
Marigold is Homer Laughlin's Fiesta Dinnerware color for 2011

McDonald's Shrek Recall
Learn about the June 2010 McDonald's Shrek Forever After glassware recall

Melamine Tableware - Weighing in on the Health Risks
A look at the health risks with using melamine dishes; melamine tableware and is it safe to use; melamine dinnerware safe usetips

Melamine Tableware - Would You Use it?
Melamine dinnerware has very low safety risks, but would you use this plastic tableware? There is concern over melamine tableware, how do you feel about it?

What's a Plate Charger?
What a plate charger is and when it is used. Using a plate charger with your dinnerware.

Oneida Culinaria - Oneida Culinaria Dinnerware
A look at Oneida's new Culinaria Dinnerware with restaurant quality attributes and designed to inspire the home chef.

Patella Romana Italian Pewter Tableware
A look at the Patella Romana Collection of Italian Pewter Tableware Collection

How to Clean and Care for Pewter Tableware
How to care for pewter tableware and accent pieces.

Italian Ceramics - Artistic Tableware
Italian ceramics direct from Italy to grace your table

Holiday Tree Ceramic Dinnerware
Made in Portugal, the Holiday Tree Ceramic Dinnerware adds a festive touch to any table.

Cometline Cut Crystal Vase 10.04"
Bohemia 10.04" Cometline Cut Crystal Vase to display your garden flowers or special bouquets

Pinwheel Cut Crystal Wine Glass - 24% Lead Crystal Barware
Add elegance to your table with handcut 24% lead crystal Pinwheel pattern wine glasses from Timeless Crystals of Europe Signature Collection

How to Pack Your Dishes & Glassware for Moving Day
How to pack your dishes and glassware for moving day to ensure they arrive safely at your destination.

Thats Arte - Italian Ceramics
Online resource for fine Italian ceramics

Showscase Your Glassware With a Spring Bouquet
Put your specialty glassware on display as flower vases. Showcase your glass pitcher with a Spring bouquet.

Set Up a Formal Dinner Place Setting - Video
Video demonstration on how to set up a formal dinner place setting

Wilton Armetale Top Stitch Salad Set
Pamper your table with a gleaming Wilton Armetale Top Stitch Salad Serving Set.

How to Open a Bottle of Wine - Video
Video demonstration on how to open a bottle of wine

China & Stemware Storage Solutions
Top china and stemware containers to safely store your china and holiday dinnerware.

Noritake Holiday Tree Accent Plates
Noritake Holiday Tree Accent Plates can make your dinner table festive for the holidays.

How to Open Champagne - Video
Video from About.com on how to open a bottle of champagne

Le Creuset Poterie Citrus Grand Teapot
This attractive Le Creuset Citrus Grand Teapot has a 1.5 qt capacity and is made of durable ceramic stoneware.

Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose Deviled Egg Plate
Serve your deviled eggs in this pretty Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose Deviled Egg Plate.

Selecting Family Glassware - Choosing Durable Glasses
What to look for when buying durable family drinkware and glassware.

Depression Glassware
Green Depression Glass by Hazel-Atlas Glass Company

Summer Breeze Etched Ice Beverage Set by Pfaltzgraff
This 4 pc Summer Breeze Etched Ice Beverage Set by Pfaltzgraff is elegant for a formal dinner table or to serve iced drinks to your guests.

White Sushi-2-Go Dinnerware Set
Complete your Asian meal with this BIA Cordon Bleu White Sushi-2-Go Dinnerware Set.

Tableware Place Setting - How to Set the Table
A refresher on how to set a place setting on the table.

Fiesta Dinnerware 4 pc Place Setting in Peacock Blue
Jazz up your dinner table tonight with vibrant 4-pc place setting of Peacock Blue Fiesta Dinnerware.

Heart Shaped Dish for Those Special Desserts
Even a plain dessert will look so stunning when baked or served in a heart-shaped dish.

Turntables - Put a Spin on Your Table
Turntables and lazy susans are convenient table accents.

Is it Really Bone China? - A Quick Way to Verify!
A quick method to confirm whether that old plate is really bone china.

How Do Your Dishes Stack Up? - A Plate Storage Challenge!
Dishes vary in thickness and stackability, so I put my dishes to a 'Plate Storage Challenge' to see how they measured up.

Completing An Old China Set - Finding Replacement China Pieces
Finding old china pieces to comlete a bone china set can difficult, but there is a very good source for replacement pieces.

Luxury In Bloom
A source for silk blooms to decorate your table.

CorningWare Creations 2-Qt Covered Oval Baking Dish
A beautiful covered dish for serving vegetables or a casserole.

Promotional Glassware Safety - Promotional and Logo Glassware…
In light of McDonald's Shrek recall, do you think promotional products such as logo design glassware and cups, should meet stricter safety standards, since these are mostly used by children? How do you feel about safety standards for promotional glassware, tableware?

Dinnerware and Dinner Plates
Dinner plates are not often the topic of tabletop conversation till a holiday or buffet hosting event looms in the not-so-distant future. That's when we typically review our current stock of dinner plates and make decisions to either use what we have, upgrade to something more festive or formal, or elect to serve with disposable plates. Not...

Drinkware and Stemware for the Dinner Table
Drinkware and stemware choices for the dinner table; what glasses to use with the dinner

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