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China Storage Containers for Stemware and Other Fine Tableware

Keep Your China, Stemware and Other Pieces Safe and Clean in China Protectors


China storage containers are economical and offer the best protection for your valuable tableware.  China storage containers are also the ideal solution to overcrowded cabinets.  Fine china, stemware and holiday dishes are wonderful to own, but after the special dinners, safely storing this fine tableware in an already-congested kitchen cabinet or buffet can result in chips and cracks to your cherished pieces.

Wrapping them in newsprint and storing them in a cardboard box is certainly a storage option, but retrieving them requires unpacking the full contents to reach those desired pieces and washing newsprint ink from your fine china. A better solution for safe clean storage for fine china and stemware is specially designed china storage containers.  They are quilted or padded storing cases with protective dividers and tight closures.

1. China Storage Containers - 6 Pc Natural Cotton Set - Model 10192

Photo Courtesy of Stacks and Stacks

This padded off-white China Storage container set consists of 6 cases to safely and conveniently store your 12 place servings of fine china or holiday dishes. It includes a 1"H x 11.5"W x 8"D case for a platter and cases for 7" saucers, 8" dessert, 9.5" salad and 12" dinner plates, as well as a 4"H x 11.5"L x 13.5"D case for the cups. Made of 100% cotton, these cases have protective dividers and closures with self-correcting zippers.

2. Household Essentials Windows Vision Line of China Storage Containers

Household Essentials Window Vision Plate Chest
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The particular china storage container shown is the plate chest, but the Windows Vision line includes storage chests for stemware, plates, cups, desert bowls or dessert plates.  This collection includes all the best features in their construction - a viewing window, sturdy handles, appealing design and trim, felt dividers - all in a strong poly/cotton blend storage chest with matching cover.

3. Stemware Storage Case - Natural Cotton Model 10225

Photo Courtesy of Stacks and Stacks
A companion storage case to the above Model 10192 6 Pc China Storage Set. This stemware container is made of the same durable 100% cotton with self-correcting zipper and protective cardboard dividers. Size is 8.5"H x 15"W x 11"D and this storage case can hold up to 12 glasses or wine goblets.

4. Kangaroom Quilted Stemware Storage Cases

Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber
With these beautifully styled stemware cases you can safely store and protect your stemware from dust and breakage. These cases are quilted with protective dividers, zipped top and convenient carrying handles. They are adequately sized to store stemware. Each case can hold up to 12 pieces of glassware. These lovely 15 x 8 x 12 cases also have identification tags.
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5. China Plate Storage Set by Richards Homewares #7091

Richards Homewares Plate Storage Set
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This durable 4 pc China Plate Storage Set is grey in color, quilted to protect your valuable tableware and constructed of sturdy wipe-clean micro fiber. The cases have thick felt dividers, self-correcting nylon zippers and identification windows. This complete set will safely store a plate service for 12 and includes cases for 7" saucers, 8" dessert, 10" salad and 12" dinner plates.

6. Stemware White Vinyl Storage Case Model. 10294

Stemware Chest 10294
Photo Courtesy of Stacks and Stacks

If economical and safe storage for your fine stemware is what you want, you can cut the frills with this model and save some money, while still providing adequate protection.  This easy-clean white vinyl 8.24"H x 15.5"W x 11"D case will hold up to 12 pieces of stemware. The case has a self-correcting nylon zipper and cardboard dividers to protect your glassware from dust and breakage.

7. China and Stemware Storage Cases by Whitmore

Whitmore China Storage Set
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber
This 6 or 12 pc Whitmore China Storage Set is beautifully designed of quilted cotton with padded dividers. There's even a handy quilted platter storage envelope.
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8. Felt Plate Dividers

Felt Plate Dividers
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If you're more concerned about chips and cracks on your dishes simply from stacking, a felt divider placed in between each plate can often provide the only protection needed to keep china safe.  This 48 pc Felt Plate Divider Set in either black or white, includes soft felt dividers for 12 dinner plates, 25 dessert or salad plates and 12 saucers. This set can be used with other storage containers, or can provide adequate cushioning when stacking your good china.  You can also use felt dividers in between each individually paper-wrapped plate when packing dishes for moving - just to give them that added protection.

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9. Reed & Barton Eureka Handcrafted Leather China or Stemware Storage Chests

Reed & Barton Eureka Leather Stemware Storage chest or 5 pc China Storage cases. Handcrafted of leather with plush flocked dividers for ultimate protected storage of your fine tableware. The 5 pc set includes cases for 12 settings of 12" dinner and 10" salad plates, 6" bowls and saucers, as well as a 12-cup storage case. The Stemware Chest will hold up to 12 glasses or goblets. Available in colors Buttercream or Cognac, these luxury cases would provide optimum storage for your fine china and stemware.
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10. Richard Homeswares Faux Leather China and Stemware Storage Chests

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If you want the look of leather but not the price, this set of 4 cream-colored china storage containers offers a little more style than basic storage chests and versatility - so you can store seasonal breakables or a set of dinnerware.  They have a flat-type closure and the largest one is 12.5" x 12.5" x 9.25".  They can be stacked which is handy if storage space is limited.

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