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Kitchen Storage Solutions for Appliances and Housewares

Finding a Spot for Everything!


When your cupboards are overflowing, counter workspace is non-existent and expanding your living area is not an option, it's time for kitchen storage solutions.  Find the best kitchen storage solution to organize your housewares and appliances, within your existing space. You can often find plenty, it's a matter of organizing existing space to build capacity. These ideas will help you to investigate your home and maximize storage potential.

1. Improve Reach Plus Organize With Pull-Outs or Slide-Outs

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The ultimate in organizing cabinet contents and making them super accessible is cabinet pull-out trays or sliding racks. They are ideal to make better use of space - especially in bottom cabinets which are hard to organize and reach. You can also improve access of any cabinet in the kitchen, bathroom or shop. Measuring the interior cabinet space is crucial to a good install and there's lots of variety, sizes and features of racks and trays. Two very popular brands are Simplehuman® and Rev-A-Shelf®.
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2. Storage Towers to Organize Your Kitchenware

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As our collection of kitchenware, gadgets and appliances continues to grow, it's not surprising that over time storing all these lovely kitchen accessories becomes quite a challenge, especially in a small house. But a creative look at your kitchen could possibly reveal storage potential that has been overlooked. Behind a door or in a corner, you'll find some hidden storage.
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3. Mobile Plastic Drawer Units

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If you need more cupboards and storage for crafts, sewing accessories and toys, these handy plastic mobile units can help you get organized, in practically every room in your home. Read more about these handy storage compartments and their many uses. There's quite a variety of mobile drawer units in plastic, wood or metal to better organize your space.
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4. Hide a Towel Rack or Basket Inside a Cabinet Door

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Just hiding the tea or hand towel and pot scrubber helps your kitchen look neater. These two holders are made by InterDesign, are inexpensive and very practical. They are designed to hang inside or outside of a cabinet door, with no hardware or tools needed. These non-intrusive racks are ideal for the renter. And when you have the wall space, there may be the ideal place to add a wall-mounted bar for kitchen towels.
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5. Pantry Organizers or a Freestanding Pantry

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You can gain dry food storage space by adding a pantry organizer on the back of a cabinet or pantry door. So many kitchen and food items are awkward or difficult to store, but a pantry organizer can reduce clutter and help you find things in a hurry. When a rack is not sufficient and you have the space, a freestanding pantry is the best way to go. You can store a vast array of food and equipment in a pantry and organize it properly.
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6. 5 Steps to an Organized Kitchen

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Keeping the kitchen organized helps us to be more efficient - we can easily locate what we need at a moment's notice, put into use time-saving gadgets we forgot we had, and reduce the gadget clutter that so easily accumulates. From gadgets to spices, these organization steps will make your kitchen more efficient.

7. Food Storage Containers - Freshness & Convenience

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Many households don't have any worries about cereals, cookies or crackers getting stale, they usually aren't around that long. But for a couple or small family, keeping an assortment of cereals on hand usually results in some of it spoiling before it is totally consumed. Food storage containers generally are easier to place in a cabinet, than various sizes of flimsy packaging. When you want to display your dry food storage, you can chose from a nice assortment of clear glass or colorful ceramic food jars.
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8. Magnetic Knife, Tool Holder

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Magnetic kitchen holders have become very popular because they reduce clutter and make it quick and convenient to grab and go. They are ideal for kitchen knives but also for metal kitchen tools. Some systems have a bar that you can slide kitchen tools.
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9. Gadget Bins - Store Your Occasional Kitchen Gadgets

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Gadgets and kitchen tools they're such time-savers and we love them, but where do we keep them all? In a small kitchen, this becomes an even greater storage challenge. Kitchen utensils and gadgets that we use often should be kept handy on the counter in a tool holder or in a drawer. But occasional kitchen tools such a strawberry huller, cookie cutters and canning jar lifter, could be stored in a plastic bin.
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10. Kitchen Canisters

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Kitchen canisters are food storage containers with a tight seal and how we differentiate them from other food storage is that canisters usually sit on the counter, so we want them to look nicer. Canisters hold those staples that we use most often, like flour, sugar, brown sugar, confectioner's sugar, tea, coffee or cookies, that's why we want to keep them handy.

They should be functional and an emphasis on style and decor is usually the norm. There's a vast array of kitchen canisters on the market, from ceramic to stainless steel. Always chose first based on appropriate size for your needs and a good, tight seal. Then go for ease of cleaning and a style, color or pattern that suits your decor.
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