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Storage Tower

Storage Tower

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As our collection of kitchenware, gadgets and appliances continues to grow, it's not surprising that over time storing all these lovely kitchen accessories becomes quite a challenge, especially in a small house.

But a creative look at your kitchen could possibly reveal storage potential that has been overlooked. Behind a door, in a corner, alongside the refrigerator or in the dining room - there may just be that little space where you can add some type of kitchen storage. Storage unit possibilities vary with each unique kitchen space, but solutions can be adding a baker's rack, narrow pantry, shelving or a narrow storage tower as illustrated.

Storage towers are economical easy-to-assemble finished shelving that can be utilized in any room in the house to provide much needed shelf storage space. Available in white or wood-look finishes, storage towers are easy to clean and some models include handy adjustable shelving. In the illustration, two short towers have been stacked to maximize the storage capacity in the small space between the refrigerator and back entrance. It provides great storage for several kitchen items.

Storage towers are perfect for many kitchen items such as appliances, kitchenware, spice rack, serving pieces or canisters. They provide easy-access open shelving for kitchen items you often reach for, while you store occasional kitchen accessories in cabinets. You can usually find storage towers at large department or hardware retailers.

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