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Kitchen Storage & Trash Bin Combo Unit


Kitchen Storage & Trash Bin Combo Unit

Kitchen Storage & Trash Bin

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It's always hard to find that spot for the trash bin in the kitchen. Sometimes, we attach it to the inside of the cupboard, or opt for a small refuse bin.

This Kitchen Storage and Trash Bin Combo has great potential, adding valuable storage to the kitchen, while housing and hiding the trash bin. It is made of high quality MDF, with a solid wood cutting board, and comes with 3 wicker baskets and a removable garbage bin that uses 13 gallon refuse bags.

Not really limited to the kitchen, this Combo unit could also be used in a bathroom, laundry area or bedroom for laundry instead of trash. It would also be a great accent in the family room, and provide additional workspace and storage.

So versatile, this cart could provide much needed storage and trash or laundry bin anywhere in the house.

Update: This Trash Bin is no longer available

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