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Gadget Bins - Organize & Store Occasional Kitchen Gadgets

How to Store Those Occasional Kitchen Gadgets


Gadget Bin

Gadget Bin

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Gadgets...gadgets, they're such time-savers and we love them, but where do we keep them all? In a small kitchen, this becomes an even greater storage challenge.

Kitchen utensils and gadgets that we use often should be kept handy on the counter in a tool holder or in a drawer. But occasional kitchen tools such as canning, baking or garnishing utensils, appliance attachments and cookie cutters, could be organized and stored when not required.

Start by reviewing your gadgets and kitchen tools and removing those utensils you use only for special or seasonal occasions. Storing away occasional kitchen gadgets will leave you ample storage room in the main workspace of your kitchen for all your everyday kitchen tools. So in what and where do you store these seasonal or occasional kitchen gadgets?

A small clear covered plastic bin is a good solution. Recycled cookie tins are perfect for storage containers, but see-through bins are more convenient for easy retrieval. Size the containers to fit your largest attachments and gadgets.

You may want or need more than one bin if you have a lot of seasonal kitchen tools and this will make it easier to organize them. You can then store the gadget bins on a shelf in a closet or pantry.

What Occasional Kitchen Gadgets & Tools Can I Store?
  • Appliance attachments
  • Cookie cutters
  • Cookie press and attachments
  • Garnishing utensils
  • Cake decorating tools, tips & icing tubes
  • Child's baking utensils
  • Poultry lifters
  • Candy Thermometer
  • Assorted buffet serving tools
  • Spring-loaded serving scoops
  • Small graters & zesters
  • Apple corers
  • Fondue forks
  • Seafood cleaning tools
  • Barbecue or grilling tools
  • Salad tongs
  • Mixing whisks
  • Buffet & hosting serving tools
  • Birthday candles and accessories
  • Canning and preserving utensils
  • Fruit and vegetable prep tools such as strawberry huller, cherry pitter, lemon zester
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