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Closet Organizers - Appliance Storage

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Closet Organizers - Appliance Storage Photo © Mifflin
If your kitchen lacks sufficient storage space for all your appliances, cookware and bakeware, a convenient alternative is to make space in nearby closets or cabinets for the overload.

Traditional closet designs do not maximize storage potential, but adding a closet organizer that includes adjustable shelving and storage towers or drawer units, can more than double the storage capacity without expanding the closet space. You'll be amazed at how much capacity you'll gain by just adding a vertical storage tower.

Closet storage towers and organizers can be readily found in most hardware and large home retail outlets. A full closet organizer can cost close to $100, but storage modules and towers can be purchased separately at economical prices.

Once the regular closet items are returned to the newly organized space, there are usually empty shelves just waiting to be filled. This provides a great place to store appliances that you don't use every day, small bins of kitchen tools or large serving bowls. Be a smart organizer and make use of the wasted space in your closets.

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