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De-Clutter & Organize Wires and Cords With Cable Management Systems

How to Organize Your Home's Cables and Cords


Cable Hook and Loop Straps

Cable Hook and Loop Straps

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With the increase in home computer networks, theatre systems and electronic devices of every genre, comes a new organizational challenge - how to manage that cable jungle. Cable management used to be a term associated mostly with business establishments, but with the growing popularity of home offices, a need has emerged for products to organize and contain wires and cables. Not only are they unsightly, but loose cables make it difficult to vacuum and keep the area clean. They can also create a potential hazard especially to young children and pets.

Cable management systems are also called wire, cable or cord wraps, straps, covers, tracks, organizers, managers, caddys or ties. Their functions also vary, while some basically bundle cables and hold them together, other devices will attempt to hide the excess cabling in a small plastic or rubber enclosure.

However, the general goal is the same - to manage, organize and protect your cables and wires. Of course, the more complicated the system, the higher the price. You can find cable management systems at dollar stores, hardware and general merchandise outlets, office or electronic retailers. While you can find online sources for these small items, it's often easier and more economical to locate them in local retail outlets.

Most Versatile and Functional - Hook & Loop Straps:

There are numerous brands of economical velcro-type wraps or straps available, but those with assorted colors are more functional as they provide color coding for easy referencing.

The cable ties featured are Duramax Hook & Loop Straps. These 12" reusable ties use a simple hook and loop technology. They are lightweight and waterproof. While you could easily bind cables together with a covered elastic, this hook and loop type of strap is adjustable and can easily be removed and re-applied.

You can use this type of cable strap to organize and bind computer cables to keep them contained safely close to the wall, bind excess appliance electrical cords or to roll/wrap musical instrument cords to store them.

Other Options For Home Cable Management:
  • Crafty Cable Wraps:
    If you're crafty or have sewing skills, you could create narrow fabric tunnels or cover cardboard paper towel rolls to channel your cables through. Choose washable fabric and a color that allows your cable wraps to blend in nicely with your wall or rug color and adjust the length accordingly.
  • Q Knot: Versatile multipurpose reusable ties. Read review
  • Plastic Pipe or Tracks:
    You can achieve the same look with a plastic pipe tunnel, as long as your cable ends are small and can be inserted into it. Some retailers have narrow plastic track that be attached to the wall. These have a removable cover that is replaced once your cables are inserted.
  • Rubber or Plastic Cable Holders:
    Also known as cable turtles or rollers, these are small enclosures that house the excess wires. Though innovative and functional, they are limited to small amounts of thin wires/cables.
  • Plastic Cable Organizers:
    These are plastic racks that help to organize cables, keeping them contained in a certain area.
  • Covering Floor Cables:
    When it comes to cables or wires that must either temporarily or permanently run across a floor, for safety reasons these should be either taped to the floor or covered with cabling channels to prevent a tripping hazard.
While there is a variety of cable managers on the market, the challenge is to find something that works for your particular need. Once organized, cables are much easier to manage and protect. It's also much easier to clean around them. You'll also find it much more pleasant sitting at a desk that doesn't have a cable jungle waiting to entangle your feet.

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