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Enviroll E-zeeWrap Food Wrap Dispenser Review

Home Test of the Enviroll System™ E-zeeWrap® Dispenser

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E-zeeWrap Stainless Dispenser

E-zeeWrap Stainless Dispenser

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You've probably seen the E-zeeWrap dispenser on infomercials and they are as handy as they look. I've been using an earlier white model for several years, but I was curious to see if a newer version of this handy dispenser, especially the stainless/black model was as durable and quality-made as the older one. And with stainless, I always wonder how well it will resist smudges.

Product Information

    Enviroll System E-zeeWrap food wrap dispenser:
  • Dispenser includes free 500 ft roll of plastic wrap
  • Precise cutting
  • Space saving
  • Easy to grasp wrap
  • Save space, time, money
  • Easy to refill
  • Patented non-stick dispensing
  • Easy to install anywhere - under cabinet, in cabinet, against wall, in drawer or use on the counter
  • Sold in white, black or stainless/black
  • Mounting screws included
  • Replacement rolls can be purchased at hardware or merchandise retailers
  • Design allows 2-1/2" of wrap to remain for easy grasp
  • 30-Day money back guarantee; full lifetime warranty
  • Learn more from the manufacturer
  • Purchase the dispenser and refills from the manufacturer, hardware retailers or general merchandise stores.

How the E-zeeWrap Dispenser Performed

November 14, 2009 I'm a little skeptical when it comes to upgrades - sometimes the quality diminishes with mass production, but I was glad to see that the stainless/black E-zeeWrap dispenser is even more durable than expected and the stainless steel has a brushed finish that does reasonably resists smudges and fingerprints.

The dispenser comes with a half-roll of plastic food wrap and I've had no problems finding a source for the standard 1000' replacement rolls - they are widely available. Replacing the roll is fairly easy, just press into the side tabs to release the old roll and base, change to a new roll and lift/insert back into place.

A full (heavy) roll could be sluggish to dispense and you can add a little lubrication to the roll ends to make it easier to roll out. Applying too much can cause an abundance problem. We applied a little to this new roll, but in the past we often omitted this step - with no problems. The instructions cover this in detail as well as how to remove static if that's a problem (not for us).

Dispensing is quick, just grab the small amount of wrap left after the last pull and tear as you pull towards you (mounted under cabinet). There's no looking for the end of the roll or any waste - you dispense what you need, easily. The plastic food wrap itself is high-quality with the right amount of cling (too much can be frustrating), it seals tight and is comparable to the more expensive varieties sold. But the savings of buying an E-zeeWrap 1000' roll rather than numerous other small rolls, is tremendous.

Overall Impression

It's super convenient to have this dispenser installed close to your usual food wrapping area and it's a time-saver when you don't have to remove wrap from a drawer, look for the end of the roll and store it after use. Hanging it also saves on drawer or cabinet storage space. You can keep the dispenser in a drawer or on the counter and I have done that, but I find installing to be much more convenient - it saves that extra step or space. Though I use several types of food storage containers, I still find that I use plastic wrap every day and this dispenser is super handy.

The price of the dispenser is reasonable given the durability of the product and you won't believe the savings or how long a 1000' roll will last. There's also a green side to this product - less packaging used. I like the choice of available dispenser finishes - white, black or stainless.

I highly recommend this product - it gets a thumbs up for quality, convenience and especially for saving money and stretching the household budget. Once you've used one of these dispensers, you will never want to be without it - for the savings alone!

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 2 out of 5
Falling dispenser, Member HughParks

My dispenser was getting old, 6 yrs. It kept falling out with the slightest pull on the wrap. Bought a new one at Canadian tire, $43. plus tax, it lasted a week before it fell out the first time. Completely dissatisfied. I did look for the stainless steel model, but couldn't find one. It is a very handy dispenser, but it doesn't work well.

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