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Sure Fit Stretch Suede Recliner Cover Review

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Sure Fit Stretch Suede Recliner Cover Review

Sure Fit Stretch Suede Recliner Cover

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When your recliner's upholstery is looking worn or the pattern is outdated but the rest is fine, covering it is the easiest, most budget friendly solution. While a throw style may be quicker to apply, a form fit cover tends to mold around the shape of the recliner to give it a more professional look and feel. This is the idea, but it doesn't always work that way. Keep reading to see how I made out testing the Sure Fit Stretch Suede Recliner Cover.

Product Despcription

    Sure Fit® Stretch Suede Furniture Cover - for Recliner
  • 87% Polyester, 13% Spandex,
  • Form fit style of cover
  • Memory stretch fabric
  • Includes opening for the right-side handle
  • Easy-to-fit instructions
  • Machine washable: Machine wash separately in cold water on gentle cycle. Do not use bleach. Tumble dry low. Do not iron.
  • Color of cover tested: Chocolate
  • Available in several colors, patterns
  • Learn more from the manufacturer
  • MSRP: $89.99

Installing the Stretch Reliner Cover

Before - Ugly Patterned Chair

Photo © Mifflin
December 11, 2012
Sure Fit® has two types of slipcovers, relaxed and form fit. The cover tested is a form fit recliner slipcover. It's a thin, stretchy material - thanks to Spandex®, that feels very soft with a nice suede look and feel.

There are two things that aren't on hubby's favorite things to do - applying wallpaper and you guessed it, placing a chair into a slipcover. And it was his favorite outdated, ducky-patterned worn recliner that got this make-over, which didn't help. But in the end, when I asked him what he would rate the installation on a scale of 1 - 10, he said a 9. That speaks buckets.

Instructions for fitting are very good and the cover has a starting point label for the center back. You apply this slipcover basically from the backrest working down, over the arms - lining up seams, down the sides while inserting the handle in the hole on the right side of the fabric. Securing involves tucking at the front bottom of the backrest and around the seat, making sure the arm cover stitching is at the correct place, over the foot rest and then looping back elastics under lower corners. There's also two elastics at bottom front that you tie together underneath to hold it in place. I think the whole process including tucking took less than 15 minutes, which I consider very good.

So look, install and feel are tops. Now on to general use and how well it stays put. Our recliner is more of a medium-size Lazy Boy® so smaller than average. Surprisingly, the cover on the arms does not move; seams stay well in place even after more than a week of constant use. Neither does the back or the footrest. The area that does tend to ripple and look messy is around the seat, which needs to be tucked in, sometimes daily to maintain that form-fit look. We did turn the chair over to see if we could adjust the tied elastics to remedy the problem, to no avail. I assume that with a larger standard-size recliner, you wouldn't have all this extra fabric to tuck in.

Given that we have to retuck the seat area as needed, would I do this again? Absolutely! Note the before and after pictures to see how an old patterned chair (goodbye duckies) can be transformed at less cost than having to replace the recliner, especially when the mechanism is still good. A little tucking we can live with. The chair also feels warmer due to the synthetic blend, compared to the existing upholstery. Hubby loves it! As for wear and tear, time will tell. We have no pets and a household of two, so I expect it to last awhile.

Regarding color, chose a medium shade if you want to reduce visibility of lint, sawdust and hair. The Chocolate cover looks a lot lighter in the picture, but is actually dark brown. The fabric does have a nice nap, which is overly emphasized in the photo. As for maintenance, heed instructions carefully and wash it alone.

Overall Impression and Related Resources

Love the look, feel, warmth and install of the Sure Fit Stretch Suede Recliner Slipcover. I highly recommend it - it's an easy and affordable fix for a tired recliner. We feel that the smaller size of our recliner is probably why we have to tuck in fabric around the seat frequently, but it's a quick tidy-up. Had our chair been average size and requiring this tucking, I would have given the cover a 4/5 rating. Note that this fabric is very thin and may not wear well with pets.

Update June 2013
We both still love this chair cover and it's holding up well. However, it has become obvious that the suede-type nonstick style fabric is a magnet for sawdust. So if you have a woodworker in-house, this is not a good choice for your home. Try another type of Sure Fit® cover. Compare Prices

Sure Fit® has a very good assortment of furniture slipcovers, table covers and pet covers, as well as a variety of home accessories.

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After - A transformed recliner

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