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Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Throw Furniture Cover Review

Home Test of Sure Fit's Deluxe Pet Throw Chair Cover

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Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Throw Furniture Cover Review

Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Throw Chair Cover

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If you have pets, a cover for the chair or sofa helps you to protect the upholstery from pet hair, odor and stains. It also makes it easier to clean. Even if you don't have any pets, a cover is a great way to make tired, worn furniture upholstery look much better. Sure Fit has an assortment of one-piece pet throws. I tested one for a chair.

Product Despcription

    Sure Fit® Deluxe Pet Throw Chair Cover
  • Quilted Plush Velvet; 100% polyester
  • Sanitized® Actifresh
  • Fits most chairs - 32" x 43" (81 to 109 cm)
  • 1-Pc cover; easy to apply
  • Luxurious velvet, quilted, extra fill for added comfort
  • Soft stay put backing
  • Machine washable: Machine wash separately in cold water on gentle cycle. Do not use bleach. Tumble dry low. Do not iron.
  • Protective finish for extra lasting freshness
  • Available in several colors, patterns
  • Learn more from the manufacturer
  • MSRP: $59.99 (for chair)

Installing the Deluxe Pet Cover

Sure Fit Sofa Pet Cover

Photo © Sure Fit
December 05, 2012
This Deluxe Pet Cover is very well made. It has neat stitching and is much thicker and softer than expected. The quilted nature of the soft fabric really makes it stand out on the chair and the fill combined with this type of fabric, also helps to radiate body heat - pets would love this. We found it warm to sit on, so I don't think you'd have a hard time getting your pet to want to lay on it. It looks and feels like a quality cover and might even help your chair fit better into your decor, depending on the color you chose.

Installing it was very easy since it is a one-piece design. I tucked in the bottom flap under the chair cushion in the front, as well as folded/tucked in the excess because our chair has shorter-than-usual padded arms. I placed it on a padded chair (similar to the image) for which it is designed, but I also tried it just for interest sake on a medium recliner. While it stays as expected on the chair, there's too much movement on the recliner. So, getting the proper model for your furniture is very important.

There seems to be ample length to go over the arm, up and over the back and down the front - there was no skimping there, so it should fit most chairs. As for it staying put on the chair, it really depends on a few things. There's a certain non-slip aspect to the cover when applied over similar fabric, so that helps. In other words, it would not work at all on a leather chair.

Movement of the cover worsens the more the chair cushion is depressed. In other words, if you have the type of chair that wraps around you as you sink into it and is hard to get out of, you might be rearranging this Pet Cover constantly. On a chair with a firm cushion and back, it moves less. If it is used mainly for pets, you'll have less movement with small, light breeds; more so with larger or excited pets. You should expect having to rearrange it as needed, that's the nature of a loose cover and this Deluxe Pet Cover looks so much nicer than a sheet or throw.

Given the type of fabric, this cover should wash nicely, but follow the recommended washing instructions. And I must stress that it should be washed by itself. As for color, this one is Chocolate which turned out darker than expected; I would prefer a medium hue. You might want to carefully consider color - there are several to chose from - if you want to make pet hair or lint less visible. Note that Sure Fit has different types of Pet Covers, some of which have elastics to secure on furniture corners. The Deluxe model tested has no elastic straps.

Overall Impression and Related Resources

I love the concept and quality of this Deluxe Pet Cover. It certainly meets my expectations for ease of use, quality and innovative design. As mentioned above, how well it stays on the chair will vary with individual use. If you find it moves too much, you could secure it on the sides and back with furniture screw-in buttons or pins, as long as it has sufficient fabric tucked in to allow for use and these (buttons) are not a concern with your pets or small kids.

This was designed as a Pet Cover, but I can see it also being very practical for those who want to protect their upholstered furniture from everyday stains, sawdust (my hubby is a woodworker) or kid's messes. So it has lots of practical uses. And it is quick to pull off and wash as needed. That alone saves on having to clean upholstered furniture.

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