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Origami Rack System R3-01W - The 20-Second Folding Shelf Unit

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Origami Rack System R3-01W - The 20-Second Folding Shelf Unit

Origami R3-01W 3-Shelf Rack

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After watching a television demonstration of the Origami Rack, I just had to see the construction first hand and experience this 20-second shelf set-up for myself. No assembly and quick? It just sounded too good to be true.

Product Despcription

Origami Rack R3-01W 3-Shelf Folding Rack With Bonus Wheel Kit
  • Manufactured by Mac Sports Inc.
  • Takes 20-seconds to unfold/fold - no tools required; no assembly
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Wheels simply screw-in - small wrench included
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Holds up to 250 lbs per rack, evenly distributed on level surface
  • Steel frame; gun metal powder coating
  • Dimensions: Open: 38"H (with wheels) x 29"L x 13"W
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Learn more and watch set-up video: manufacturer
  • MSRP: $49.99

How the Origami R3-01W 3-Shelf Small Size Rack Performed

Origami 4-Shelf Rack R5-01W

Photo © Origami
November 10, 2011
Usually when something looks too good to be true, it doesn't come close to expectations, but the Origami Rack is certainly an exception. Built more like industrial shelving than standard household grade, I have no doubt that this rack can support such weight. And it certainly can be unfolded in 20 seconds but probably less with practice, and without the help of another person or tools.

However, the initial set-up if wheels are included as with this 3-shelf model, takes a few minutes to screw them on and tighten/adjust with the small wrench that's included. Once the wheels are attached though, there's no need to remove them to fold and store the rack.

So after the initial set-up, it's 20 seconds or less from storage to use. There's a super set-up video that shows how easy this rack is to unfold. It's a simple process of spreading out the two sides, flipping over the top shelf and locking it into place. Not every Origami Rack includes the wheel kit, but I'd highly recommend it. Wheels swivel and are heavy duty and two of them have locking features. Shelves are sturdy even at the center split; there's no sag whatsoever when heavy items are placed on them. This particular rack has a 15" headspace for the second shelf and 13.5" for the bottom shelf.

The rack detailing is what amazes me especially for this price. Every edge, corner or seam is smooth so there's no rough edges as you'd likely find in a workshop rack. Even the grey metal finish looks nice and although the rack does have an 'industrial' look, it would even blend into main living spaces where needed. After setting it up initially for a plant stand in front of the patio doors, I've come up with lots of ways I could use this versatile and handy folding rack system:
  • For a college dorm room for anything; easy to transport/move
  • To store occasional or off-season appliances and kitchen tools
  • Canning jars and equipment
  • For camping gear; sports equipment
  • In the workshop, garage, storage area
  • Craft supply hub that can be pulled to your work counter as required
  • As a plant stand or seed starter rack (it can hold 3 garden flats)
  • In the laundry room
  • Files, equipment in the home office
  • Anywhere you need shelving

Overall Impresion

Origami - the name says it all. It's definitely the ultimate folding shelving system. Use it for anything and everything. It's a must-have for the dorm room, an essential for the crafter and those who move a lot, and a convenient shelf anywhere you need to declutter and organize your stuff.

This rack is a steal of a deal at this price point for the quality, convenience and value it offers. Your biggest decision will be which size of Origami rack to get. The one reviewed is the smaller rack - the 3-shelf R3-01W which included a bonus wheel kit. I do recommend adding wheels - you can buy them separately, just because it's so easy to move the rack around to clean behind or under it, once loaded.

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