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Get organized! Storage, cleaning & organization tips, products and solutions for your home. Find handy and helpful tips to de-clutter, cleaning tips and equipment, how to store household items and appliances, better organize your home
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Twist & Shout Mop Review
Twist & Shout Mop Review; Twist & Shout is a self-wringing mop and pail system that makes cleaning floors quick and easy

Must-Have Items for the Comic Book Lover or Geek
Must-haves for the comic book lover or geek; useful things the comic book fan would love to have; essentials for the comic book nut

Snapware Snap'N Stack Home Storage Review
Snapware Snap'N Stack Home Storage Review; review of Snapware Snap 'N Stack Portable Organizers

Vacuum TLC Gone Wrong - How NOT to Care for Your Vacuum
How NOT to Care for Your Vacuum; easy ways to shorten the life of your vacuum; vacuum TLC gone wrong

Find some helpful tips to clean and organize your home

Sure Fit Stretch Suede Recliner Cover Review
Sure Fit Stretch Suede Cover Review; review of Sure Fit's Stretch Suede Slipcover for a recliner

Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Throw Furniture Cover Review
Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Throw Furniture Cover Review; review of Sure Fit's Deluxe Pet Throw for a chair

How to Use a Steam Mop Efficiently
How to Use a Steam Mop Efficiently; what you should know about steam mops

Q Knot Multi-Purpose Reusable Ties Review
Q Knot Multi-Purpose Reusable Ties Original Review

Origami Rack System R3-01W - The 20-Second Folding Shelf Unit
Review of Origami Rack system R3-01W - the 20 - second folding rack by Mac Sports Inc

Saltwater Canvas Whale Bag, Shower Bag Reviews
Saltwater Canvas Whale beach bag and shower bag reviews; beach bag review, dorm shower bag review, Saltwater beach tote review

Simplehuman Sensor Pump Review
Simplehuman Sensor Pump Review; Simplehuman sensor soap pump review

Cool Gear Go Gear Assorted Travel Tubes Review
Cool Gear Go Gear Assorted Travel Tubes Review; Go Gear review of Travel Tubes

Hang & Level Picture Hanging Tool Review
Review of Under the Roof Decorating's Hang & Level picture hanging tool

Sunbeam Beverage Can Dispenser Model 415
Review of Sunbeam's Beverage Can Dispenser

Best Types of Closet Hangers and Clothes Organizers
Best type of closet hangers and organizers for coats, children's clothes, leather, shoes and more; best type of hangers and organizers for your clothes

Shark Steamer - A Look at the Line of Euro-Pro Shark Steamer Appliances

A little about where a Shark steamer got its roots. Shark® is a registered brand of the Euro-Pro Operating, LLC, which also manufactures and markets other well-known brands of home wares and appliances, such as  Bravetti®, Ninja® and Euro-Pro®. Originating in Europe, the company established itself in Canada and then later moved to the US (Massachusetts), all the while moving forward with new development and innovative appliance ideas.  Today, this third-generation family company is well-positioned in the appliance industry and strives to expand its innovative product lines to meet consumer needs for time-saving cleaning tools that are easy to use and affordable.

Euro-Pro has pioneered the development of steam cleaning technologies and their original Shark® Steamer, is still being used in many homes today. Their line of Shark steamers now includes steam appliances for cleaning floors, steam-pressing garments and multi-surface steam cleaners.  They also have a line of competitively-priced vacuum cleaning tools. You'll find more information about Shark steamer appliances below along with helpful resources.

3M Premium Protective Sunglasses Reviews
Review of 3M TEKK Fuel Protective Eye Wear and 3M Tortoise Shell Safety Eyewear; protective sunglasses reviews

Space Savers
How to get your home organized and save space. Tips on organizing your home and storage ideas.

ITT AquaCharge Water Pump
Review of ITT AquaCharge submersible rechargeable water pump; compact submersible AquaCharge water pump for fresh or salt water use

Best Carpet Spot Cleaners for Carpet and Upholstery Stains, Spots
Carpet Spot Cleaner, Best Carpet Spot Cleaners, a look at Bissell's popular carpet spot cleaners, find the best carpet spot cleaner for your home, best carpet and upholstery spot cleaner

Spice 'n Store Pantry Organizer
The Spice 'n Store Pantry Organizer - organize more and keep your home tidy

Home Steamers - Types of Steam Cleaners and Other Steam Appliances

There are several types of steamers designed for home use including steam cleaners, steam irons, steam carpet cleaners and steam generators, just to name a few.  Some are designed for cleaning with steam, others simply use steam in delivering their main function. 

It can be confusing shopping for a steam appliance as the term is fairly general in meaning, but this list should clear it up for you and provide a better understanding of what each type of steamer is commonly used for.

Cleaning is the main function of a few types of steaming appliances but what to clean will vary with each machine depending on design and accessories.  I've also included some cleaning tools that although may not actually generate steam, usually have water heaters and are often referred to as steam cleaners.

There's nothing like steam for loosening dirt and grime, making it a very handy cleaning tool when it comes to reducing effort and cutting down on cleaning time.  It should be noted that in order to produce steam, heated water must reach a temperature of  ----.  In other words, cleaning machines with water heaters may or may not achieve a sanitizing steam.  You should confirm this feature before buying.

Where to Store Cookware
The best and most convenient places to store cookware

Steam Cleaner - What to Consider When Buying a Steamer
How to buy a steam cleaner; portable steam cleaner buying tips

ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape
Learn more about 3M ScotchBlue Painter's Tape and what you can do with it

Pantree - Cookware Organizer and Storage Option
Pantree is a tree organizer for cookware

Steam Cleaner
Definition of a steam cleaner

Using a Portable Steamer or Steam Cleaner
Tips on using a portable steam cleaner or small steamer. Steamers are not designed for any cleaning task, learn what you can and should not do with one.

Telescopic Window Washer - Convenience and Safety
Why an extendable or telescopic window washer is better for washing your windows.

Sterilite Storage Containers - Versatile to Store & Organize
Using versatile Sterilite plastic storage containers; uses for storage containers; organizing ideas; how to store craft supplies and paper

Use a Labeler When Organizing Items
When organizing your home, use a labeler for binders, storage containers

Buy a Mobile Kitchen Cart - What You Should Consider
Mobile help in the kitchen or dining room. Mobile kitchen carts can provide additional storage and workspace.

Enviroll E-zeeWrap Food Wrap Dispenser Review
Review of Enviroll System E-zeeWrap food wrap dispenser; E-zeeWrap food wrap dispenser review

InterDesign Over the Cabinet Kitchen and Bath Organizers Review
Reviews of Over the Cabinet kitchen and bath accessories by InterDesign, including an Axis Over the Cabinet Tray and a Forma Over the Cabinet Towel Bar

Housekeeping Tips
Resources and tips on Housekeeping at About

De-Clutter & Organize Wires and Cords With Cable Management Systems
Manage and organize your device cables and electric cords to make it easier to clean your home.

Disposing of Unwanted Appliances
What to do with unwanted kitchen items or household appliances

What to Clean With Your Vacuum
You can clean more than floors and carpets with your vacuum. Find out how to use your vacuum to full potential.

Hang Skillets to Keep Them Handy
Short on storage space? You can hang skillets to keep them handy and safe from scratches.

Closet Organizers - Appliance Storage
Closet organizers are a good place to store appliances or seldom used bakeware.

Hanging Coffee Cups - Easy Mug Storage
Storage ideas for coffee mugs and cups; hanging coffee cups; easy mug storage

Ways to Add Storage & Organize Your Housewares & Appliances
When your cupboards are overflowing, counter workspace is non-existent and expanding your living area is not an option, it's time to search for hidden storage potential within your existing space. You can often find plenty, it's a matter of organizing existing storage to build capacity. These ideas will help you to investigate your home and...

Storage Towers - Store & Organize Your Kitchenware & Appliances
Finding a spot for storage tower in your kitchen to store kitchenware and appliances

How to Assemble a Wall Unit - Video
Video on how to assemble a wall unit. Video to help you learn how to put a wall unit together.

How to Hang a Wire Shelf - Video
Video on how to hang a wire shelf

Removing Sticky Labels from Jars - Video
Video on how to remove sticky labels from jars and containers. Easy way to remove stuck-on labels.

Gadget Bins - Organize & Store Occasional Kitchen Gadgets
Organize your kitchen gadgets and store those you don't use very often.

Maximizing Flatware Storage
Maximize your flatware storage with a tiered cutlery tray.

Stainless Steel Half Round Wall Mount Pot Rack Model 4376
Versatile half round stainless steel wall-mounted pot racks can add to your decor while solving cookware storage problems.

Fixing A Loose Cupboard Door Video

How to De-Clutter Your Home - Video
Video from About.com on how to de-clutter your home

Assembling a Wall Unit - Video
Video on how to assemble a wall unit or bookcase.

China & Stemware Storage Solutions - Storage Containers for Your Fine Dishes
Storage solutions for your fine china, stemware and holiday collection. Bone china and stemware storage cases to protect your cherished dishes.

How to Install Closet Rods - Video
About.com video on how to install closet rods

Kitchen Cart - Stainless Steel Top with Breakfast Bar
This kitchen cart has loads of storage, a breakfast bar, stainless steel top, and a natural hardwood finish.

Step 5 to An Organized Kitchen - The Pantry
Step 5 to an organized kitchen is to review and reorganize your pantry.

Step 4 to An Organized Kitchen - The Plastics Cupboard
How to organize the plastic storage container cupboard or drawer and keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Step 3 to An Organized Kitchen - The Junk Drawer
A few minutes organizing the junk drawer can save you time and make your kitchen more efficient.

Step 2 to An Organized Kitchen - The Spice Cupboard
Step 2 to organizing your kitchen by sorting and storing your spices more efficiently.

Step 1 to An Organized Kitchen - The Gadget Drawer
Step one to getting your kitchen organized - tackling the kitchen gadget drawer.

GQ Shop Online - T & H Shopfitters Corp.
Resources for shop display racks it includes gondola, showcases, shoe racks, slotted post system, gridwall system, display racks for electronic appliances, lighting boxes, cd/video racks, shelving system/ cable kit, sales wagon and others.

Cabinet Organizers
Organizers to stack dishes can really maximize on space.

Kitchen Storage & Trash Bin Combo Unit
A great way to provide trash bin and storage in a combo unit for the kitchen or dining room.

Products to Store & Organize
Products that can help you get organized and find a place for everything.

Microwave Carts & Stands - Storage Solutions
Microwave carts and stands are a great solution to storage problems in your kitchen or dining room.

Folding Tables - Practical for Entertaining or Games
Folding tables are handy for entertaining or providing additional seating capacity for dinner guests. They have many other practical uses.

Mobile Kitchen Carts Buying Tips
What you need to consider when buying a mobile kitchen cart.

Kitchen Knife Storage - How to Store Knives Safely
A safe and convenient way to store and organize sharp kitchen knives.

Plastic Drawer Storage Units - Units to Organize and Store Items
Plastic storage units are very handy to store crafts, children's play items, sewing accessories, patterns and more.

Laundry Room Accessories
Accessories to help you organize your laundry needs.

Steam Mop Buying Tips - What you need to know
How to buy a steam mop; steam mop buying tips

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