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How to Make Braided Bread - Braiding Homemade Bread


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Making Braided Bread From a Bread Machine - Getting Started
Breadmaker Pan & Paddle

Breadmaker Pan & Paddle

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What You Need to Make a Braided Bread From a Bread Machine
  • Breadmaker with a dough setting
  • Breadmaker recipe ingredients for braided bread or basic white bread - large loaf size - preferably a 1.5 lb loaf
  • For best results, use yeast for breadmakers
  • Butter, margarine or olive oil to grease baking sheet and brush baked bread
  • Egg yolk and water for the Egg Brush
  • Regular range oven to bake the bread at moderate heat
  • Greased baking or cookie sheet - large size, with or without sides
Time Required

Dough making time varies per breadmaker model - could be 1 to 1.5 hrs
Shaping - about 15 minutes
Rising shaped bread - approximately 40 - 45 minutes
Baking - approximately 20-25 minutes


Bread machines are great time-savers for completing the breadmaking process and baking the bread within a short time right in the machine, so it's ready when you want it to be served. But bread machines are also convenient for making the bread dough and letting you decide what you want to do with the dough.

Although you can make bread dough in a variety of ways, in a breadmaker, food processor, stand mixer or from scratch by hand, for this demonstration, I use a breadmaker because it eliminates all the kneading - the hardest part of making bread dough. However, the breadmaker must have a dough setting in order to make the dough with the bread machine and complete the braiding by hand, and baking it in a regular range oven. If you're unsure if your breadmaker has a dough feature, refer to your product manual.

First step, is to remove the bread pan from the machine and ensure that the small mixing paddle is inserted properly in the bottom of the bread machine pan. It's very difficult to insert it later after ingredients are in the pan.

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