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Soyabella™ Soymilk Maker by Tribest


Soyabella™ Soymilk Maker by Tribest

Soyabella™ Soymilk Maker

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Performance & Use:

Soyabella™ Soymilk Maker by Tribest is an elegant way to make fresh, healthy soya, rice, almond or cashew milk right on your home counter in 15 minutes. This beautifully designed appliance will also grind coffee beans, nuts, grains, make porridge and split pea soup. A convenient appliance for healthy dietary choices, or milk-intolerant and non-dairy diets. Make your own healthy dairy alternatives with your very own choice of additives. Read Review

Design Features:

Sleek, elegant and well constructed with special considerations given to safety precautions and maintenance concerns. The carafe is stainless steel; the heating element is safely hidden, and the blade will not spin unless it is inside the boiling chamber.

Built-in Sensors for Quality Production:

The Soyabella has unique sensors to ensure the highest quality milk production:

  • Overflow sensor - to prevent spill or mess
  • Dry-run sensor - boiling chamber will not heat if there's no water in it
  • Overheat sensor - automatically gauges the temperature to not overheat or burn the contents
  • Blade cannot spin unless inside the chamber - for your safety

Special Notations:

Press release and additional details at Tribest Soyabella

Other Information:

MSRP $139
2 Year Warranty
Power Consumption: 750 Watts
Capacity: 1.3L (about 1 quart)
Blade Speed: 11,000 RPM
Accessories included for grinding and dry milling

Soya & Rice Preparation:

Some pre-soaking of soya beans and rice is required and noted in the operation manual. Actual automatic Soyabella milk production time is 15 minutes.

Other Information:

Follow manufacturer's recommendations in the manual regarding assembly and cleaning for best operation and quick clean-up.

Guide Review of Soyabella Soymilk Maker:

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