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Oster Osterizer 6642 12-Speed Jar Blender Review

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Oster Osterizer 6642 12-Speed Jar Blender Review

Osterizer 6642 Jar Blender

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The Bottom Line

This is a very durable, well built 12 speed blender with outstanding performance at all speeds. For best ice crushing results using the regular blades, ice cubes should be small. Optional crushing blades are also available for this blender. A good buy and quality made unit. Overall, I've been very pleased with this unit.
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  • 12 Speeds, including ice crushing, blending, mixing
  • Very durable scratch resistant glass jug
  • Stainless Steel crushing blade
  • Low and high speed options
  • Small footprint


  • With regular blades, large ice cubes take a little longer to crush.


  • Osterizer Blender with 450 Watts of power and 5-cup glass jar.
  • Stainless steel blade mechanism.
  • Durable All-Metal Drive ® system.
  • 12 Speed options, with low and high speed operation.
  • Dishwasher-proof, scratch resistant glass jar.
  • Rubberized feet in the base, and rubber jar lid.
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Guide Review - Oster Osterizer 6642 12-Speed Jar Blender Review

This unit was purchased to make smoothies and provide other mixing/blending food functions. As long as the ice cubes are small, there are no problems, but larger ice cubes do not seem to crush well. Other blades may be available for better crushing; this option I have not explored. I adjusted my ice cubes and got great smoothies!

It has lots of power with 450 watts, and the rubber feet 'grip' the counter nicely to prevent it from moving around during operation. The rubber lid secures well and the scratch resistant glass jar is a delight to handle. Although this glass jar is dishwasher-proof, I find it cleans so well, I have not bothered to put it in the dishwasher.

The stainless steel blades are a terrific feature, no rusting, and great chopping action. The unit also has an All-Metal Drive ® system, which enhances its durability. It is definitely made to last.
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