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FoodSaver® V2860 Advanced Design™ Vacuum Packaging System - Review

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FoodSaver Advanced Design V2860 Kit

FoodSaver Advanced Design V2860 Kit

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The Bottom Line

More than just a food vacuum packaging system, the FoodSaver® Advanced Design™ V2860 Kit is designed for many uses from vacuum sealing foods in bags, canisters or jars, to airtight storage of collectibles or supplies. Whether foods are refrigerated, prepared for the freezer, a quick meal or stored in the pantry, this FoodSaver will extend shelf life up to 5 times longer, retain freshness, protect from insects or moisture and prevent freezer burn. Sleek, stylish and convenient for today's kitchen and busy cooks. An appliance that will quickly pay for itself with less food waste and longer shelf life.
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  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Versatile for more than just freezer packaging
  • Model has advanced convenience features
  • Flip-Up design makes it easy to store
  • Numerous accessories for multi uses


  • Bags and rolls are costly
  • No problems detected


  • Flip-Up Design saves on counter space; stainless lid. Full size vacuum channel. Pen storage, built-in cutter & roll holder.
  • Vacuum & seal buttons - vacuum process stops automatically when all air has been removed. Canister Mode.
  • Indicator lights to signal when process is finished
  • Hands-Free operation - stops vacuum seal automatically when air is out
  • PulseVac™ Control Button - for vacuum sealing delicate foods
  • Canister Vacuum Button and Accessory Hose for optimum food storage possibilities. Storage for the hose.
  • Three Speed Settings: Gentle for delicate foods, Normal for bags, canisters and accessories, Fast for larger bags/canisters
  • Adjustable Food Settings - Dry & Moist Foods
  • CrushFree™ Instant Seal Button: Stop the process; create a seal; reseal Mylar store bags; seal a bag on Pulse mode.
  • View Manufacturer demo and read more details of the FoodSaver Advanced Design V2860 Kit

Guide Review - FoodSaver® V2860 Advanced Design™ Vacuum Packaging System - Review

I found the FoodSaver® Advanced Design™ Kit very easy to operate, not noisy and very well demonstrated in the video. It's quality-made with many convenience features such as the compact flip-up design, built-in cutter, removable drip tray, roll, hose and pen storage and a user-friendly, easy-to-wipe-clean control panel. You can use rolls, bags or quickly make your own custom-sized bags.

Several fresh fruits and vegetables were sealed and left for several days in the refrigerator. Results were excellent with foods retaining their freshness and color. Of several bags tested, only one bag of cucumbers did not seal properly, probably due to juice remaining in the sealing area. Keep this area dry and clear. Allow 3" of bag space for the seal. This seems like a waste, but it actually makes it easy to retrieve bags from the freezer or to boil sealed meals.

Peeled apple sections were sealed in the FoodSaver® Canister without adding color keeper and kept for six days before starting to turn brown. Venison was sealed in the FoodSaver® Quick Marinator in Soya Sauce and seasonings for a couple of hours and was extremely tender when cooked. Read more in FoodSaver Tips & Accessories .

The appliance has indicator lights that signal when each process is complete and while it's vacuum sealing, you can be preparing other foods, it stops automatically when all the air has been removed. The Pulse setting protects delicate foods from crushing. Bags and rolls are made of specially designed plastic to prevent freezer burn and keep foods for up to 2 years.

This FoodSaver appliance is fast and convenient for extending food shelf life, protecting frozen foods, for make-ahead meals, resealing store packaging and sealing just about anything you can fit in the bag. The video is well worth watching - the ideas and tips are fantastic. Guide Recommended!

Update August 2013

This food sealer still works wonderfully after several year's use. Bagging materials for this unit can be found at Costco at a reasonable price for a large or double pack. We found it convenient to make bags (seal one side) ahead and we store the unit close at hand for quick retrieval.

Foods frozen in these vacuum sealed bags has kept much longer, without any freezer burn. A vacuum food sealer is a worthwhile and practical purchase. You can buy in blk, reap the savings and vacuum seal handy portions for the freezer.

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