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Chocolatiere Electric Chocolate Melting Pot

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Chocolatiere Electric Chocolate Melting Pot


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The Bottom Line

This Chocolatiere Electric Melting Pot works very well to melt chocolate or cheese. On the lower setting, the chocolate remains soft and ready for dipping, without hardening or burning. This is a real time-saver and removes the mess and guesswork associated with melting over hot water.
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  • Very small and easy to store
  • Nice easy grip handle
  • Easy to operate and good melting
  • Lots of accessories


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  • Basic Unit with melting pot
  • Spatula
  • Assortment of reusable molds
  • Wooden skewers, plastic forks, spiral fork and flat fork
  • Draining rack
  • 12 recipes
  • Power indicator light
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  • Koolatron now makes a double melting pot called a Chocolatiere Deluxe
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Guide Review - Chocolatiere Electric Chocolate Melting Pot

This unit takes a few minutes to get warmed up, which gives you time to prepare your ingredients. Melting time is reasonable, and stirring helps the process. Once melted, the low setting keeps it soft, warm and ready. I left it for several minutes, without stirring it, to see how it would handle this lag time, and it was fine - the chocolate was a wonderful consistency, soft and shiny.

The aluminum melting pot is about 1 cup for small batches, and the spouts are great for pouring. The pot and spatula knife have easy to grip handles - a nice feature. The unit is very small, at 6" wide, 7.5" deep, and 4" high, which makes it very easy to store. Cleaning of melting pot and accessories is very easy in warm soapy water - dishwasher is not recommended.

Overall, this Chocolatiere is a very convenient and easy way to melt chocolate. A great product.
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