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Salter Glass Digital Nutritional Scale Model 1406 Review

Home Test of the Salter Glass Nutritional Scale 1406SVEF

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Salter Slim Nutritional Scale 1406

Salter Slim Nutritional Scale 1406

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This 1406 Salter scale not only weighs food, but it calculates the nutritional content in that item. The scale also has a handy memory function.

Product Description

  • Salter Glass Nutritional Scale Model 1406 is digital with a large LCD display (sometimes referred to as model 1406SVEF)
  • Aquatronic scale
  • Scale has a database of over 900 dry foods and liquids
  • Calculates calories, fat, cholesterol, fiber, protein, sodium and carbohydrates by the portion weighed
  • Digital readout; displays all nutritional values on one screen
  • Touch controls
  • Ultra thin profile
  • Weight capacity: 5 kg/11 lbs
  • Add & weight tare function
  • Uses 3 x AAA batteries (included)
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Visit the manufacturer for more detail

How the Salter Glass Nutritional Scale Performed

October 12, 2009 The Salter Scale is actually much easier to use than expected with a nice slim, easy-to-store design. The data base included in the manual covers a wide range of food items (900), so it was easy to locate a similar item, if there was no code for the exact food weighed.

There were many surprises in foods weighed and resulting data. Most packaged foods will denote the nutritional content per serving right on the box, but I found that the serving rarely matched what the portion actually was. That's where the scale gave better data - by measuring what seemed like a normal serving, but actually weighed in higher and resulted in surprisingly elevated levels of sodium, calorie, fat or cholesterol than was first assumed.

Examples of some food items that gave surprising results: a very small tomato which registered 3.11g carbs and 14.7 calories; 6 innocent-looking cherry tomatoes had 8.2 calories, 11 mg sodium and 2g carbs; a tiny potato turned out to have 68.8 calories, 10 mg sodium and 16.12g carbs; a muffin had an expected 88.6 calories but also 2.25g fat and 15.16g carbs; a 1.7 oz piece of cooked pork had 6.479g fat content and 120 calories. One candy showed higher sodium and carbs than expected, as did one average slice of pumpkin pie. Foods that appeared safe, showed some unexpected high secondary values.

While I had an idea of the approximate weight and calorie content of some of the items, it's the other details that caught my attention, along with being able to weigh the actual portion and not using per/serving calculated data.

Overall Impression

If you want to be able to quickly identify and track calorie, sodium, carbs or other nutritional contents of what you eat, the Salter Scale is a good choice. It is however limited in certain ways: if a code is not available, you must choose a similar one to enter and accept the resulting data as a best estimate; and placing some food items on a parchment or waxed paper, and liquids in a plastic cup to weigh them, will result in data variations. That's because it measures and calculates values based on weight. Though you would not have exact details in this case, it provides an estimate of what values tend to be high, and that would help with eating decisions.

The scale itself is very touchy - a good thing - anything that touches the sides affects the readings. Maintenance is low - the scale has an easy to wipe glass surface and how long the three AAA batteries last depends on whether you turn it off immediately or not. After several days of testing, there was still battery life.

The digital readouts are a good size and having them all on one screen is a plus. I sometimes had to clear twice, before moving on to another food item. I like the memory function it has - handy to keep track of popular foods. The Salton Scale provides valuable information about exact food portions and gives details you might not anticipate for certain foods, especially those one might consider a 'free' or insignificant item. That makes it a useful and practical tool for managing special diets.

Disclosure: The review product was provided by the manufacturer.

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