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Chef's Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer Model 615 Review

Home Test of Chef's Choice Premium Food Slicer 615

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Chef's Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer Model 615 Review

Chef's Choice Premium Food Slicer 615

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A food slicer can be a handy counter appliance for those who entertain or families that want to save money on food. But it must be suited for home use, yet still have enough power to do the job. I was curious to see how the Chef's Choice 615 Food Slicer makes the cut in terms of performance, ease of use and cleaning.

Product Despcription

    Chef's Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer Model 615
  • Built rugged with all structural components made of cast aluminum and stainless steel
  • Professional metal food pusher
  • Precision thickness control - from deli-thin to 3/4" slices
  • Tilted food carriage
  • Cantilever design delivers slices to plastic serving tray (included) or your own platter
  • Multi-purpose 7", 17 cm serrated stainless steel blade
  • Easy-clean design; parts remove easily for cleaning
  • Large capacity food carriage retracts fully for slicing extra large roasts
  • Powerful, cool running, high torque motor; 120 watts
  • Reliable, smooth, gear drive operation
  • Intermittent and continuous on/off switch
  • Food carriage can be secured in lock position when not in use
  • Cord storage
  • Replacement fuse included
  • Size 14.625"L x 10"W, 10.75"H; 11 lbs
  • 1 Year limited warranty; MSRP: $149.99 - 159.99 U.S.
  • Learn more from the manufacturer

How the Chef's Choice Food Slicer 615 Performed

Chef's Choice 615 Slicer

Photo © Mifflin
October 19, 2011
The Chef's Choice Model 615 slicer shares similar features to their 610 model, but the 615 has more power, which is helpful for slicing various meats and raw vegetables. The unit itself seems very sturdily built and surprisingly, does not take as much space on the counter as I expected. Regardless, this is one appliance that you'll probably need to store when not in use, unless you are blessed with ample counterspace. The motor runs smoothly and there are sufficient features for safe operation, such as the carriage lock and metal food pusher. The blade is sharp, serrated and can slice a good variety of foods including meat, cheese, bread and vegetables. According to the manual, you can slice any foods you can cut with a knife, except frozen or bone-in meats and poultry.

During testing, we sliced several meats including various processed meats, roasts as well as a venison rolled roast. We also tried several vegetables to see how handy this machine would be during the canning season. The slicing thickness was adjusted several times to get thin pizza-style pepperoni slices, thicker bologna slices for sandwiches and medium roast slices for dinner servings. The adjustments for thickness were very quick to do.

Slicing was smooth, regardless of whether we sliced a venison roast or cucumbers. The venison roast was rolled so we removed the string and put it through. Of course, slices fell in pieces, but they were cleanly cut, professional-looking and perfect for sandwiches. All processed meats had been refrigerated; the venison roast was cooled before slicing. We did not have any problems with the slicer slipping on the counter during operation; it remained secure.

The hardest thing we sliced were large raw carrots which did slow it down a little, but slices were cleanly cut and uniform. Meats in general slice easier when they are cold. The blade sang through the onions - what a timesaver if you have a lot to slice. When slicing foods such as cucumbers, it's not really possible to use the food pusher - there's nothing to grab and anchor. You have to manually hold them as you slice, so extra care is needed to reduce the risk of injury. There's ample room on the slicer table, for a large roast up to five pounds or a long coil of meat.

Then came cleaning time - a task that is best done immediately after use. Slicing is fun, but I wasn't looking forward to the cleaning part. I can remember the slicer we had a few years ago and those were not fond memories. Cleaning the Chef's Choice was a breeze compared to my past experience. But be prepared, as with all home slicers, there are a few parts to clean and they have to be washed by hand, so this is a process you shouldn't rush through.

Overall Impresion

As for performance, this slicer runs smoothly and has enough power to slice through meats, cheese and hard vegetables and fruits. The unit is built tough and quality is evident. It comes apart easily for cleaning and reassembles just as quickly. It's a nice looking appliance with good safety features, as well as convenience pluses such as easy thickness adjustments, cord storage and slice-to-plate ease.

You can slice a variety of of foods, so it's a versatile appliance. The blade is serrated, multipurpose and probably sufficient for the average home chef. I've considered whether a fine edge blade would do a better job but not having one to compare, it's difficult to say. As is, meat slices are clean cut, I'm not sure you could improve on that. But you could purchase a fine edge blade for this slicer if you prefer.

Having a few parts to clean by hand is typical with any slicer. A slicer is not an appliance you'll likely take out to slice a cucumber or meat for one pizza. I find it more time efficient to organize tasks and do a variety of slicing in one event - that can save a lot of time. You do have to be careful with cross-contamination of foods. For example, slice bread, vegetables and cheese first, then meats.

You will have to purchase some food-grade Vaseline (recommended) because the blade and other parts should be lubricated every time it is reassembled after cleaning. The manual does a good job of illustrating what needs to be lubricated. It's important that you keep the manual. Read my 10 Reasons to Keep a Product Manual if not convinced.

A slicer can help you when it comes to making meals ahead to save time during your busy work week. For the person who wants to save buying food in bulk, this slicer can be pretty convenient. A slicer helps you with food prep so you can save time in the kitchen. You could slice all the veggies for a large salad or a bushel of cukes for pickles, quickly and uniformly. For the sportsman who wants to slice a cooked venison or moose roast for lunches, this appliance can become an essential kitchen tool. It's also a must-have economical appliance for those who need uniform slices for the dehydrator. For those planning a social or family reunion, it can take the hassle out of slicing for meat/cheese trays.

I could not find a single thing I didn't like about this slicer. Yes, it does take a little time to clean parts by hand but that is to be expected and standard with slicers. It comes apart more easily than some other brands. As for durability, I would expect this slicer to work well for years given the quality of construction and reputation of the brand. The Chef's Choice 615 offers a lot of value at an economical price for a quality home slicer that's easy to use, take apart and clean. For the frugal shopper, it will pay for itself quickly.

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