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How to Assemble a Basic Sewing & Mending Kit


Sewing & Mending Kit

Sewing & Mending Kit

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Every household needs a basic sewing and mending kit for those last minute button or mending chores. How many times have you started to rush out the door, and a button pops off, or your child's costume needs a little shortening.

Even the college student has need of these notions to keep their clothes in good repair. Here are the basics and you can expand from there:
  • Spools of all purpose polyester thread, in colors white, beige, black, navy, green, brown and red
  • Small pair of scissors (a regular pair is also very handy)
  • Small measuring tape or cloth tape
  • Package of multi-use darning needles
  • Package of straight pins, preferably the type with a built-in pin cushion
  • Package of safety pins
  • Seam ripper
  • A 6" ruler or sewing gauge
  • Small jar or container with an assortment of buttons
  • A sewing box or small plastic storage container to hold it all
These basic kits also make a wonderful gift item for the teenager, for a wedding shower, or for those who are setting up a home for the first time, or replacing lost household essentials.

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