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Janome 344 Sewing Machine Review

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Janome 344 Sewing Machine Review

The Bottom Line

A solid, well built sewing machine, the Janome 344 is easy to operate, sews well and has a variety of stitches to handle all your everyday needs. This is not an electronic memory machine, but a good solid sewer with many finishing stitch options.

This machine is very reasonably priced and came with a 3 year warranty.


  • Nice design, tabletop drop arm model
  • Good variety of stitches and easy to use
  • Solid construction
  • Maintains timing


  • Bobbin insert is a little tedious


  • Well built, solid construction
  • 13 Stitch patterns, including 4 step zipper feature
  • 3 year warranty

Guide Review - Janome 344 Sewing Machine Review

This Janome 344 sewing machine has been a good performer, with the ability to maintain stitch integrity and good timing. I've had no problems with it, and no need to keep readjusting settings as with some previous models.

The unit seems to be well made; the arm removes easily for sleeve sewing, and fabric thickness has not been a problem. Changing the bobbin however, is a little more tedious, due to its positioning in the unit. Inserting the bobbin, one must rotate it to find the correct placement in order for the machine to bottom thread correctly. This minor detail has affected the rating a little.

This machine has a variety of stitch patterns including zipper and 13 finishing stitches. It has an overcast finishing stitch but it does not substitute for a serging stitch. Overall, performance has been great and I would recommend this as a good solid sewer.

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