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Gleener - The Ultimate Fuzz Remover Review

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Gleener - The Ultimate Fuzz Remover Review


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A good pill or fuzz remover is an essential if you want your clothing to look good. Gleener is that type of product, but unlike many other fuzz removers, it is non-electric making it more portable than others. I was most anxious to try one.

Product Despcription

    Gleener® the Ultimate Fuzz Remover:
  • Is two fabric care products in one: A fuzz remover and velvet lint brush
  • Has 3 detachable fabric-sensitive blades to remove every type of fuzz
  • Blades are numbered on the bottom: 1) For large bulky pills on wool or acrylic sweaters, coats 2) For medium size fuzz on finer woolens, cashmere, merino; also acrylics, polyesters, fleece and blends; 3) For use on tiny, fine pills such as on cotton and silk blends and those usually found on t-shirts, scarves and collars
  • Includes a nylon drawstring pouch
  • Gleener comes in 3 colors: Slate Blue, Burnt Orange, Taupe
  • Finalist in the 2012 International Housewares Design Awards
  • Watch Gleener® in action: Videos
  • Read: Gleener FAQ's
  • Learn more from the manufacturer
  • MSRP: $19.99

How Gleener Performed


Photo © Gleener
May 02, 2012
Gleener® comes with three blades for different types of fabrics - so it proves to be more useful since you can match the blade to the fabric for best results. It also comes in a nice little pouch so you can keep it all together. As for size, it takes about the same room as a standard lint roller, but you actually get two tools in one - a fuzz remover plus a lint brush, so it's the ideal travel (and home) clothing care essential.

Gleener fits very comfortably in the hand and I was surprised at how easy it was to change blades. There's a release button and blades clip into place quickly. Changing to the lint brush after you've 'gleened' the fabric is just a matter of turning the tool around, so you can pick up lint and fuzz.

I usually use an electric clothes shaver for fuzz and a large dollar-store type of lint brush. When it comes to fuzz removal, the Gleener wins hands down. Being able to chose the right blade makes a world of difference when it comes to effectively removing pills on various fabrics. My electric tool can't measure up. There's also no cord to work around which makes this tool more portable and it's also much smaller to store or take on a trip. I would definitely make the switch to Gleener for removing fuzz.

During testing, I used mostly the No. 2 and 3 blades and you do have to experiment because not all synthetic fabrics behave the same when it comes to pill removing. Where I expected the No. 3 to be best for my fine acrylic sweater, the No. 2 did a better job. And the No. 2 was also best for my knit dress pants. The velvet lint brush works great on most fabrics, but I found that for my knit sweater, my old lint roller was better. So the velvet lint brush though a handy part of the Gleener for some clothing, would not totally replace my lint roller.

You should read the Gleener FAQ's to learn which fabrics NOT to use it on. There's also a good explanation of how to gleen fabrics. Note that whenever you are removing pills from clothing, you do need to lay the garment flat, hold the fabric down and always remove fuzz in the direction of the grain, not across. Good lighting and a stable surface like an ironing board or table, are a must for this job.

According to the manufacturer, the Gleener blades should last one or two seasons with moderate use, but it really depends how often you use it. You can get the Gleener tool and replacement blades right from the manufacturer.

Overall Impression

Gleener is definitely a fabric care essential. It offers great performance, is comfortable and easy to use. Blades are super quick to change and highly functional for a variety of fabrics. This fabric care tool is more portable than some with no batteries to replace or electric cord to work around. It's also compact to store, keep in an office drawer or pack in a travel bag. Gleener also makes a thoughtful gift item.

Removing fuzz or pills on clothing is a must. Clothes can quickly get that worn look with just a few pills, but it's easy to refresh clothing with a good fuzz remover. And if you're wondering how or why pills/fuzz forms on clothing, read: Gleener's FAQ's for a good explanation of pills.

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Gleener is Canadian made by a Montreal-based company and is sold in Canada and the U.S, as well as internationally. It recently was named a 2012 International Housewares Design Awards Finalist in the Personal, Health and Garment Care category. Innovative by design and highly functioning, it's a must-have fabric care tool.

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