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Laundry & Fabric Care

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Resources, reviews and information on irons, sewing and other laundry and fabric care appliances and accessories.
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Washer Fan - Why it's the Solution to Washer Odor
Washer Fan - Why it's the Solution to Washer Odor

Steamfast Compact Fabric Steamer Review
Steamfast compact garment steamer review

Steamfast Home & Away Steam Iron Review
Steamfast Home & Away Steam Iron Review

4 Reasons Your Teen Needs a Clothes Iron
4 Reasons your teens needs an iron

Collapsible Home Essentials and Kitchen Gadgets
Collapsible Home Essentials and Kitchen Gadgets; the best collapsible housewares and kitchen gadgets; find collapsible products that meet your needs and storage space

How to Save Time & Money Doing Laundry
How to Save Time, Energy & Money Doing Laundry; easy ways to save time, energy and money doing laundry; laundry tips to save time

WasherFan Review - Fix for Front Load Washer Mold
WasherFan - Fix for Front Load Mold Review; WasherFan is a permanent solution to washer mold - read my review; how to get rid of front load washer mold; review of WasherFan to solve washer mold problems; washing machine mold solutions

10 Tips to Save Money and Keep Your Dryer Working Efficiently
10 Tips to save money and keep your dryer working efficiently; how to care for your dryer; how to save money in energy when using your clothes; how to use a dryer; how to save energy with your dryer

Gleener - The Ultimate Fuzz Remover Review
Gleener review of The Ultimate Fuzz Remover; non-electric pill remover review

Best Washer, Dryer, Laundry Videos
Best Washer, Dryer and Laundry Videos on About.com. Watch informative videos on how to buy a topload washer, how to buy a frontload washer, how to do laundry, how to iron a shirt and more

5 Reasons to Sort the Laundry
Reasons why you should sort your laundry - there's at least five reasons to sort laundryl

What is Samsung's PowerFoam Technology
What is Samsung's PowerFoam and what does it do for the washer? Samsung PowerFoam - explained

Best Types of Closet Hangers and Clothes Organizers
Best type of closet hangers and organizers for coats, children's clothes, leather, shoes and more; best type of hangers and organizers for your clothes

6 Things You Must Do if You Have a Smart Meter
6 Things you must do if you want to save money on a smart meter; on TOU rates and a smart meter? Ways to save money and reduce your smart meter bills

Laundry Basics - From Sorting to Drying
How to sort and do your laundry to help your clothes retain their good looks.

Laundry Sorting - Make it a Family Affair
Making laundry sorting a family affair can help to instill some valuable training in your little ones. These are chores where everyone can and should help.

Ironing Board
Ironing Board - Definition and best use of an ironing board

Iron - Clothes Iron
Iron - What a clothing iron is and what it is used for.

Common Uses for a Garment Steamer
Common Uses for a Garment Steamer, when to use your garment steamer; types of garment steamers

Steam Feature on Washers - What it Does
The benefits of steam as a washer feature

Cleaning Furniture With Bissell Upholstery Shampoo
Spot cleaning furniture with Bissell Upholstery Shampoo

Solutions to Mold Issues in Front-Load Washers
Learn how other consumers are coping and resolving mold issues with high-efficiency front-load washers

Cleaning Institute - Information about HE Detergent & Washer Use
Information on doing laundry with HE detergents and using high-efficiency washers.

Wool Blanket Care - How to Wash Woolen Blankets
How to wash woolen blankets to keep them in good condition. How to care for your woolens.

How to Fold Flat & Fitted Sheets - Video
About.com video on how to fold flat & fitted sheets

Eco Washing Lines - Versatile Clotheslines
Versatile clotheslines for just about any yard or home.

How to Hand Wash Clothes - Video
About.com video on how to hand wash clothes

American Cleaning Institute - formerly the SDA
Guide on high efficiency (HE) washers and detergents and why it's so important to use the correct detergents

How to Iron a Button-Down Shirt & Pants - Video
Video from About.com on how to iron a button-down shirt and pants

How to Sew on a Button - Video
Video from About.com on how to sew on a button

How to Mend a Tear in Clothing - Video
Video from About.com on how to mend a tear in clothing

How to Repair Stitching in Leather and Heavy Fabrics
About Horses Guide Katherine Blocksdorf explains how to repair stitching in leather and heavy fabrics.

Laundry Mesh Bags - Protect Your Clothing
Laundry mesh bags can help save appliance repair dollars and the frustration of losing small clothing items.

The Diaper Jungle
Online resource for diaper care and detergent information

Clothes Shavers - To Keep Garments Looking New
Clothes shavers, pill removers or fuzz busters work very well for keeping your garments looking like new.

Basic Household Sewing & Mending Kit - How to Assemble a Basic Sewing Kit
Every household needs a basic sewing kit for those last minute mending chores.

The Soap and Detergent Association
Extensive information on regular and HE laundry detergents and household cleaners. Safety information about household cleaning formulas including laundry detergents.

A Mobile Storage Cupboard for Your Sewing Supplies
A great way to store your sewing patterns, notions and supplies.

Laundry Symbols - A Reference Guide to Laundry Symbols
Confused about what the clothing laundry symbols mean? Here's a quick reference guide from Textile Affairs

Janome 344 Sewing Machine Review
Economical and easy to use, the Janome 344 Sewing Machine is a good performer.

Laundry Room Accessories
Products to help organize and manage your laundry chores.

Sewing Resources and Information
Other sewing resources and information at About Sewing.

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