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What is a Counter Depth Refrigerator?


Bosch Counter Depth Refrigerator

Bosch Counter Depth Refrigerator

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Question: What is a Counter Depth Style Refrigerator?

What is a counter or cabinet depth refrigerator and how does it differ from a regular freestanding refrigerator?

Answer: A counter depth refrigerator is a full-size model which is usually available in various capacities and finishes, but designed to fit flush with a standard counter. They are usually about 25" in depth (some models are deeper by a few inches), compared to standard or more traditional 30" - 35" refrigerator depths.

Cabinet depth refers more to compact undercounter appliances such as coolers, refrigerator drawers and dishwashers which are installed flush with cabinetry.

At one time, market availability was limited for a counter-depth refrigerator, but this popular model is now easier to find. Care should be taken though to confirm depth measurements, since some units can be deeper.

Cabinet depth refrigerators have a somewhat integrated look with the cabinetry and allow more workable space in the kitchen. They often make it possible to work closer to the counter especially if the refrigerator is close to the corner area, because the front does not protrude but is flush with the cabinets. In a tiny kitchen, a refrigerator with a smaller footprint can make a noticeable positive difference.

However, they are sometimes higher and usually wider than traditional depth models of the same capacity and this may be something you'll want to consider when installing a new refrigerator. Always measure allowable width, counter depth and height before buying for best installation results. Counter-depth refrigerators are sometimes a little more expensive than standard models.

There is a down side to saving a few inches - it means less interior capacity overall. However, the decrease in depth is appreciated when retrieving food or cleaning the interior of the fridge.

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