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Refrigerator Styles - Which Style is Best for You?

Selecting Refrigerator Style


So many styles are available today, it's really difficult to decide which refrigerator style will work best for your home and family. This list will help you to consider options and eliminate the styles that you should not consider and narrow down the best choices to meet your needs.

All Refrigerator
  • Usually the most economical
  • Provides the largest refrigerated capacity
  • Allow room for door opening
  • Since there's no freezer compartment - you would also need a chest or upright freezer in your home
Refrigerator With Freezer Capacity
  • This style has a freezer compartment, but with only one refrigerator door, not a split door.
  • Economical
  • Less energy efficient. Every time the door is opened warm air can cause the freezer temperature to rise and energy is needed to restore it.
  • Freezer compartments are usually small
  • Allow room for door opening
Top Mount Refrigerator
  • This style has the freezer on the top with a separate split door
  • Economical & traditional model
  • Freezer temperature remains more constant with a separate door
  • Freezer compartment sizes vary per model
  • Allow room for doors to open
Bottom Mount Refrigerator
  • Has freezer on the bottom with a separate door
  • More expensive than a top mount refrigerator
  • Freezer compartment capacity varies per model
  • Various freezer configurations: Shelving or pull-out basket with a door or pull out freezer drawer
  • Usually provides a larger refrigerated section
  • Items used most often are at eye level
  • Less bending required when freezer is on the bottom
Side by Side Refrigerator
  • More expensive than traditional top mount
  • Freezer on the left side, refrigerated compartment on the right
  • Not usually available in less than 22 cubic ft models
  • Available with or without water/ice dispensers & makers
  • Optional water or ice dispensers require plumbing
  • Less refrigerated capacity
  • More freezer capacity than a top mount
  • Freezer convenience for organizing and retrieving foods; easier to view stored contents
  • Odd-sized trays or items may require creative positioning due to reduced storage width
  • Allow space for door openings on each side, but space required is less than with a full swing door.
French Door Models
  • Most expensive, but most convenient
  • Split doors with largest refrigerated capacity
  • Freezer is on the bottom
  • Not available in under 22 cubic ft refrigerator models
  • Optional water/ice dispensers - require plumbing
  • Best for storing large trays and bulky items
  • Best use of space

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