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In today's world of high tech features and convenience options, buying a large appliance like a refrigerator can be downright overwhelming. These resources can guide you through all the steps from considering what refrigerator features are available to selecting the refrigerator that is right for you. I'll even give you tips on caring for your new refrigerator and provide answers to refrigerator frequently asked questions.

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Buying a new appliance but what do you do with the old one? There are a few options:
  • Negotiate the trade of the old when purchasing the new appliance. This can save you the hassle of removal and disposal of appliances.
  • Sell it if it's still in good working condition
  • Give it away - placing it at the curb with a 'take me away' often nets quick results
  • Donate it to a charity or Appliance Donation Centers where it can be recycled for a good cause.
  • Dispose of it at your landfill. Restrictions and tipping fees may apply.
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