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Haier Under Counter Dual Drawer Refrigeration Series


Haier DD400RS Under Counter Drawer Refrigerator

Haier DD400RS Under Counter Drawer Refrigerator

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Design Features:

Unlike single refrigerated drawers, Haier's Dual Drawer Refrigerator Series packs two cold storage drawers into one under-counter unit. This refrigeration line includes three models: DD300RW - Smooth White; DD350RB-Smooth Black and a shiny professionally-styled DD400RS Stainless Steel unit. Though these are designed as built-in's, Haier has kept the integration into existing cabinetry to a bare minimum.

Convenience & Performance Features:

The Haier drawer refrigerators are designed as dual drawer units with adjustable electronic temperature control, whisper quiet operation and auto-defrost mode. The drawers have adjustable divider systems making them easy to organize foods and they can accommodate items up to 12.1" tall. Total refrigeration space of the drawer refrigerator unit is 5.4 cu. ft.

That makes it ideal for vegetables, fruit, condiments and dressings - items that are often difficult to organize or place in the main refrigerator. But how you stock it is up to you; it's a versatile cold food storage system. If you entertain a lot, it would be ideal for those big salads and such - saving you a lot of creative stacking in the refrigerator.

Best Feature of the DD400RS Stainless Steel Drawer Refrigerator:

The stainless steel model stands out from the other two drawer refrigerators with professional stainless styling inside and out, which would make it super nice to clean and look at. Some refrigerator interiors will become stained and unsightly over time; not a concern with a stainless interior.

Best Locations for Drawer Refrigerators:

Although I can see the convenience of installing one of these in the kitchen close to the food prep area, other handy locations would be in the garage shop, home office, family room or bar area. A convenient supply of fruit and veggie snacks along with juices and dairy items could foster healthier eating.

Other Product Specs:

  • Refrigeration temperature range: 34 - 45 deg. F. with display
  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Adjustable dividers in both drawers
  • Door Ajar Alarm
  • Sabbath Mode
  • Easy to clean Touch Control Panel
  • 33-7/8"H, 23-7/8"W, 21-7/16" D
  • MSRP: The Refrigeration Series ranges from $999 to $1399

Other Information:

Learn more about the Haier Built-in Under Counter Drawer Refrigeration series at ww.haieramerica.com
You should confirm all installation requirements and specs before ordering.

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