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Before You Buy a Mobile Kitchen Cart - What You Should Consider


A mobile kitchen cart can increase your counter space, provide additional storage, and can also be used as a serving table. Most department stores carry a range of styles and sizes. Prices can range from $100 to over $1,000, so planning is a must. Before you run out and look for one of these, here are some things you may want to consider:


Consider where you are going to use it. Measure this 'parking area', and take a tape measure with you to the store. This is crucial; a cart can look very small in a large store, but once home, it may not fit where you intended.

Storage Needs

Consider how the storage areas are designed. What best suits your needs? Will you use the wine rack, or would an open shelf be more useful? Do you need drawers, or a place for utensils? Some have open storage, while some are closed. Take time in the store, to open storage areas to see if adequate.

Wheels - Mobility

Wheels are very important. Are they sufficient? Do they swivel? Will they mark your floors? Are they adequate for the load. Take time to take the unit for a 'test run' in the store; you want to ensure it will move easily.

Design, Style & Quality

Stainless steel or butcher block, what kind of top do you prefer? Will you be chopping food on it, or using the top for added counter space or for serving? Choose style and finish to suit your décor. And last, look at the quality of the product; do the doors shut properly, and drawers slide easily? Are there any warranties on this product?

Now, you can be sure that this unit is perfect for you!

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