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Elmira Northstar Retro Wall Oven, Microwave, Refrigerator Drawer Panels


Elmira Northstar Retro Wall Oven, Microwave, Refrigerator Drawer Panels

Elmira Northstar Wall Oven

Photo © Elmira Stove Works

About Elmira Stove Works Northstar Line:

Elmira Stove Works may be renown for their antique styling wood cookstoves, but they also make a nice line of retro-styled kitchen appliances. So if you love the vintage look, this is the place to go. Recently, Elmira has expanded one of their brands - Northstar® to include a Wall Oven, Microwave and Refrigerator Drawer panels.

And while the Northstar exterior may take you back in time, the interior works are definitely forward thinking. These appliances are fully functional with an emphasis on convenience, styling and advanced features your grandmother (or great-grandmother) would have loved. Lovely to look at, functional and definitely a conversation hub. A must for the retro kitchen.

Northstar appliances are available in nine different colors, but if you don't like those, you can custom color for your own unique kitchen. Let's take a closer look at the three newest appliances from the Northstar line.

Northstar Wall Oven:

There's ample baking/cooking space in this convenient Northstar Wall Oven - 4 cu. ft. And the heating technology is convection which is ideal for the busy cook. If that's not enough capacity for you, you can install a second oven below/above to maximize convenience and function. For those who hate to clean the oven, there's also a self-cleaning feature. The Northstar oven retails for $2995 and can be installed within wall cabinets or in an island.

Northstar Microwave:

The Northstar Microwave offers plenty of style for the vintage-look kitchen, but it also has some really nice features, such as 1200 watts of power and 1.6 cu. ft of microwaving space. This upgrade model is much larger (33%) on the inside than the previous unit and also more powerful. With various settings including sensor reheat (handy for those left-overs), Inverter® turbo defrost for a quicker safe thaw and a quick-minute button, this is time-saving convenience we all need. You may prefer another Northstar color, but the image gives you an idea of the realistic retro colors that are available. The Northstar model 1953 Microwave retails for $699.

Northstar Refrigerator Drawer Panels:

For those who like the convenience of refrigerator drawers, Elmira offers a set of Northstar Refrigerator Drawer Panels that are designed to fit KitchenAid's Double Refrigerator Drawers or a variation of freezer and refrigerator. The 1948 model double-drawer under-counter fridge panels retail for (set of 2) $499. Imagine the convenience of keeping your refrigerated foods in drawers, tucked under the counter. Refrigerated drawers are also ideal where a freestanding refrigerator would typically look out of place, such as in a family or theater room.

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These are just three of of the newest appliances from the Northstar line, you'll find more stylish 1950's retro kitchen appliances at Elmira Stove Works.

Since Elmira's first replica 1800's woodburning cookstove in the 1970's, the company has continued to build on its solid reputation of manufacturing retro appliances with a strong emphasis on quality workmanship and attention to detail. Elmira Stove Works has become a leader in the custom retro kitchen appliance industry. The company is based in Elmira Ontario, Canada.
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