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Maytag Performa Dryer Model PYET344A2W - Auto Dry Wrinkle-Free

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Maytag Performa Dryer Model PYET344A2W - Auto Dry Wrinkle-Free

The Bottom Line

The consumer is very pleased with this heavy duty, large capacity Maytag Performa® Dryer Model PYET344A2W. It dries very well, and the wrinkle-free feature does really work, even if the load is left for awhile in the dryer. A great laundry unit.


  • Wrinkle-free feature works extremely well
  • Large oversize capacity - dries large loads well
  • Very quiet to operate
  • Has a drum light
  • Has an on/off extended tumble cycle


  • Lint filter has a lip handle that protrudes and lifts when removing clothes - causing lint


  • Oversize capacity drum, with light
  • Press Care - extended cool down for wrinkle free load
  • Lint filter is situated in the door opening
  • Damp dry and time dry/air fluff cycles
  • Delicates temperature setting
  • Several dryness levels to choose from
  • Extra large door opening

Guide Review - Maytag Performa Dryer Model PYET344A2W - Auto Dry Wrinkle-Free

This heavy duty Maytag dryer has several dryness levels to choose from, including an on/off extended tumble for those fine delicates. It has a great design, with an extra large door for ease of clothes removal, a large drum with a light feature, and push button knob operation.

The best feature overall, is Press Care for wrinkle-free drying which really delivers.

The rating was downgraded slightly due to the inconvenience of the lint filter which is situated in the door opening, and has a protruding lip handle, which is often 'tripped' when removing a load, causing lint to escape and adhere to the clean, dry clothes.

The consumer is still very pleased with this Maytag dryer.

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