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Inglis Heavy Duty Super Capacity Washer Model 4400

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Inglis Heavy Duty Super Capacity Washer Model 4400

Inglis Washer Model 4400

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The Bottom Line

This is a fantastic heavy duty super capacity washer, a real workhorse. Takes almost a double load and still delivers good cleaning results. A great family washing machine. Energy efficient to operate and was very well priced. It's a great buy.


  • Great capacity - deep tub
  • Reasonably quiet operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Presoak feature


  • Does not have a medium water level


  • Super capacity, 3.2 cu. ft.
  • Double action plus agitator
  • Energy Star® rated
  • 2 water levels, small and large load
  • Dispenser for bleach and softener
  • 5 wash/spin cycles
  • 6 temperature settings

Guide Review - Inglis Heavy Duty Super Capacity Washer Model 4400

This Inglis Heavy Duty Super Capacity washer looks and works great, with the 'wide-winged' agitator, deep porcelain on steel tub, and loaded with features for the same size, and price of a regular washer.

My only complaint, is it would be more convenient to have a medium water level for mid size loads. It has only a small and large level setting. I've overridden this by setting it on large, and waiting till the level is just right, then changing the dial to small - this works.

It has several wash cycles, including presoak and quick wash, which is very handy, and 6 temperature settings. The best feature is that it is Energy Star® qualified, and that makes it a real money saver. Good performance and great cleaning results.

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